Sean Cardovillis Biography

Sean Cardovillis will be remembered for the rest of his life. He was a capital fm host, and anyone who used to listen to him will agree that he was a skilled presenter, and capital has lost one of its greatest presenters.

When it comes to sports, he enjoys discussing sports news and is well-versed in the subject. Sean Cardovillis understands the importance of working hard and doing what he loves because he comes from a humble background. Continue reading to learn more about Sean Cardovillis’s biography.

Sean Cardovillis wife

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Who is Sean Cardovillis’ wife?” Sean never posted a wife even once. During his lifetime, he used to post his mother and, on occasion, his sister. His body was supposedly not discovered by a family member after his death, prompting more doubts.

It appears that Sean Cardovillis is living alone. We can’t say whether he had a wife or not since, as you know, many people don’t like making their family issues public, thus we don’t have any information regarding Sean Cardovillis’ wife at the time.

Sean Cardovillis illness

He had a medical ailment, and his family published online that they needed cash assistance to cover hospital fees. Sean Cardovillis’ illness was declared in 2022, and he was even admitted to ICU at one point. According to capital fm, he was suffering from chest pains that progressed to phenomenia.

One of his lungs had collapsed, but his heart was fine because there was no infection in it. We still don’t know what caused his death because the latest news says he was discovered dead outside his house by a cleaner who alerted authorities, and the police are now conducting an autopsy to ascertain the reason of his death

Sean Cardovillis family, age and tribe

As of 2023, Sean Cardovillis is 51 meaning he has died at the age of 51. This talented presenter was born in Nairobi county on 20th October 1971. Every 20th of October, Sean celebrate his birthday around his close friends and family. Sean Cardovillis lost his father, Mr.Cardovillis, when he was still young and that was not all, he lost his sister Maritza Rose Cardovillis who was 28 years old in 1998.

Sean Cardovillis mother is Frankie Cardovillis. For now we don’t have information about Sean Cardovillis tribe but his name suggest his tribe origin is outside Kenya although he was born in Kenya.

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