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how to apply for a passport in Kenya

Thanks to technology because nowadays you can do a lot of things online. Most legal documents including a Driving licence can be acquired online. Although there some point you need to visit some offices, almost more than 50% is done through online. In this article, I will take you through the process of how to apply for a passport in Kenya.

How do I get a passport in Kenya?

For those people who have been asking how much does it cost to apply for a passport in Kenya, be with me until the end and I will answer all your questions. Remember you can also apply for a passport for your child. In this article, I will also answer those people who have been asking, “how do i apply for a child’s passport in Kenya” and direct you to the relevant sites for more information.

For you to apply for a passport online in Kenya you need to access the eCitizen website. You are required to go through all the requirements and guidelines provided to avoid making any mistakes. Make sure you go through everything explained before submitting your application.

After applying for your passport via the eCitizen portal, you will be required to book a date with high commissioning officials for the passport processing but make sure you have all the requirements since if some requirements are not available, your processing won’t take place.

What is needed when applying for a passport?

  1. Original identity card
  2. The birth certificate which should be original
  3. Your parent original ID and if you don’t have any of the parents, you should have a legal document to show that you don’t have any of the parents.

For more information on how to obtain a passport in Kenya, visit Kenya high commission site

How long does it take to get a passport for the first time in Kenya?

According to the Kenya high commission, the waiting period is about 6 weeks. For the Dual citizen, you must make sure you fill and declare your second nationality

How do i apply for a child’s passport in Kenya?

As I said before, A child who is less than 18 years can also obtain a passport. As it is for an adult, there are also some documents required before applying passport for a minor. In this case, the child won’t be required to provide his National ID since he or she is still underage.

Original identity cards and Original passports from parents are required. Some other documents required are fully listed in Kenya High Commission online portal

How much does it cost to apply for a passport in Kenya

There are different kinds of passports with different prices. For an ordinary passport, there is 3 series. A’ series with 34 pages cost Ksh 4,550. B’ series with 50 pages – Ksh 6,050 and C’ series (66pages) Ksh 7,550.

Other kinds of passports include Diplomatic and mutilated. If you lose your passport, you can also re-apply with a fee of Ksh 12,050. For more information about the pricing, (Click here) 

I hope now you have information on how to apply for a passport in Kenya. For more information, you can visit or

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