Becky Citizen Tv Cast Real Names

Becky is a new television show that has taken the position of Sultana. The show is aired on Citizen Tv from Monday to Friday. The narrative is incredible, and it is currently one of Kenya’s most-watched television shows. Becky TV is produced by Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah, who are also new Citizen Tv anchors. Continue reading to learn more about Becky Citizen Tv Cast’s actual names and other topics.

Lucy Maina   - Becky

List of Becky Citizen Tv Cast Real Names

  1. Trisha Khalid  – Trisha
  2. Lucy Maina   – Becky
  3. Maureen Muthoni – Sally
  4. Monica Nimu – Martha
  5. Chantelle Naisola – Shantel
  6. Sammy Mwangi – Tito
  7. Andrew Levi – Junior

Lucy Maina Actress Becky

lucy maina actor becky

Lucy Maina, the lead actress in the TV series Becky, expressed her joy on Instagram after being selected for the role. She thanked Lulu Hassan and Rashid for trusting her acting skills. The series, which airs on Citizen TV, follows the story of Becky, a maid who works for a wealthy family and falls in love with Junior, the son of her employer. However, Junior’s mother disapproves of their relationship and wants him to marry Trisha, who comes from a rich background.

Andrew Levi – Junior

andrew levi actor kenya

Andrew Levi One of Kenya’s actors is presently in the spotlight. This comes after he was featured in Becky, a new television show on Citizen Tv. He is the main lead actor in the role of Junior. According to Becky’s account, Andrew Levy referred to as “Junior” here, is having an affair with a maid. Lucy Maina is the girl who is pretending to be a maid. He has a child with Maid, which her current girlfriend Trisha is unaware of. Andrew Levi has become a fan favorite, and everyone is interested in learning more about this gifted individual. Continue to watch Becky’s TV show as additional events occur.

Becky citizen tv theme song

The theme music of this new TV show is a must-listen, and many people have chosen it as their phone ringtone so far.  we must admit the musician did a great job

Original version

enzi za hulka, naziona kama mionzi

Maisha Dhoruba, heri angekuwa jonzi
Wingu lilivyofunga, heri hata kiangazi

Na wala ushujaa, leo limejaa majonzi

Raha ya ua, likiwa na umanti nzuri

Kupita mwili kizidi ua inageuka shubiri

Aah aah aah aaah

Nionee huruma

Aah aah aah aaah

Nitulize mtima

Aah aah aah aaah

Nitamlilia nani??

Becky ooh Becky ooh Becky

Nitamkimbilia nani??

Becky ooh Becky ooh Becky

Becky Theme song English version

The pain of loss, it feels like radiation
Life is a storm, I wish he was just a dream
The cloud has closed, I’d rather have a drought
And there’s no courage, today is full of sorrow
The joy of a flower, when it has a beautiful scent
But when it passes the body, the flower turns into a thorn
Have mercy on me
Calm my heart
Who will I cry to??
Becky oh Becky oh Becky
Who will I run to??

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