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Sultana citizen tv actors Real names

After Zora series which was aired on Citizen Tv came to an end, Another series that goes by the Name “Sultana” was introduced. The series is being shot at the coast in Mombasa county, with most of the actors being from Mombasa. Keep it here as we discuss more concerning Sultana citizen tv actors Real names

Sultana – Mwanaasha Johari

Mwanaasha Johari sultana

Sultana is the main Actress. Her real names is Mwanaasha Johari. If you are Pete drama which is aired at Maisha magic then you must have come across this beautiful lady. She is one of the ladies who work as maids at Mfalme Zurui palace who is the father of Nimimi. In Sultana which aired on citizen Tv, she is the main actress. Mwanaasha Johari is also a model and she has appeared in some Kenyan music videos.

Babu – Lolani Kalu

Lolani kalu babu sultana citizen tv

He is well known since he used to work at NTV as a reporter. Lolani Kalu also worked at KTN and is now at TV47. At the moment, Lolani Kalu is acting in both Pete series drama which is aired at Maisha Magic and Sultana aired on Citizen Tv.

Major Jabali – Suleiman Fadhili

major jabali sultana citizen tv

This man is very talented and so far he has been into many series. He also acted in the famous Maza series which was aired at Maisha Magic. Suleiman Fadhili is also an actor in the Pete series aired at Maisha Magic. He has a powerful Swahili which keeps you glued to your Tv.

Duya – Patric Francis Owino

Duya whose real name is Patric Francis Owino is another talented actor. He was born in Nairobi and rather than being a good actor, Patric is also a journalist. Patric started acting some years ago and he is one of the actors in the famous Kovu series aired on Mnet.

Zuu – Annette Odubi

Zuu sultana citizen tv

Zuu is also a talented actress from Mombasa. Her real name is Annette Odubi and she has been acting for some years now. Some of the series where she was featured include; Maza, Matatizo and Faida.

Jabali Junior – Othman Njaidi

Jabali Junior sultana citizen- Othman Njaidi

Jabali comes from Tanzania and his real name is Othman Njaidi. He is said to be a brother to the late Stephen Kanumba. Othman Njaidi has been featured in Many Tanzanian movies including “Uncle Jeje”

Dida – Winnie Bwire

Dida Sultana citizen Tv - Winnie Bwire

She is one of the multitalented ladies based in Mombasa. Rather than being an actress, Winnie Bwire is also a musician, director, songwriter and also producer. She was one of the actresses at Tehanani aired at Maisha Magic and also Kalimani dynasty which was aired at KTN.

I hope by now you have enough information about Sultana citizen tv actors Real names. keep it here for more updates

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