5 online Job in Kenya that pays 2022

A lot of people are now making money online. Some have to quit their job so that they can have more time working online. Those who are successful are pocketing a lot of money each and every day. In this article, I will highlight 5 online Job in Kenya that pays 2022.

Social media influencer

Do you have any social media page that attracts traffic?. Do you know you can make cash using that page?
It is very simple what you need to do is to choose a successful topic and one that you are familiar with, becoming a social media influencer is not a difficult task.

To increase your popularity and money, you’ll need to publish regularly on your social media accounts and communicate with your fans. If your posts are engaging, then Firms will pay you to market their products or services to your followers, and you will receive a portion of any sales made through your affiliate or referral links.

Blog and article writers

By now we have a lot of bloggers in Kenya. Some are political bloggers, others like updating on what is happening in the country and some address issues on health and so on. You must differentiate between academic research freelancing and Article writing in Kenya.

These are two different industries that are independent. A magazine, A newspaper, or a journal article is a piece of writing intended to target many people worldwide. Those who own websites choose to outsource some elements.

They do so to meet the ever-increasing demand for information from major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing Google, and many more search engines. Since the sites are becoming more, Most site owners are now looking for content and by so doing they are now looking for article writers.


Transcription is one of Kenya’s most popular online jobs. If you have good listening skills and a strong work ethic, working as a transcriptionist from home could be enjoyable. You’ll listen to recorded or currently playing audio files before converting them to text. They could be from the disciplines of medicine, law, or education.

There is a huge need for transcribing services, and the entrance barrier is low. Even if you have no prior experience, you can find work as a transcriber. Transcribers are employed by many large organizations, however, their pay is often low. As you gain experience, you might look for sites that pay more.

Data entry

For those who don’t know what data entry is, It is the process of transferring data from a scanner, disk, voice, keyboard, or even a mouse to a computer. You’ll need to know how to use tools like Microsoft Excel for data entry jobs.

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the best internet jobs available right now. The role of an affiliate is to promote a merchant’s goods and services. When a customer makes a purchase or utilizes a service, the merchant pays a commission to the affiliate. In most cases, the percentage is determined using the item’s retail price. Clothing, electronics, shoes, and herbal remedies are all examples of tangible products that can be sold.

Those are some of the best 5 online Job in Kenya that pays 2022. Even if you are employed, You can try working online to get more income.

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