Best and Fast Moving items to sell Online in Kenya

List of some of the Best and Fast Moving items to sell Online in Kenya

  • Clothes
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Phones
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Electronics
  • Beauty Products
  • Weight Loss Products

Kenya has taken the lead in the e-commerce industry in East Africa. High traffic has been recorded from Facebook, Instagram, and most retail apps, including Jiji, Cheki, Jumia, Pigiame, and Kilimall. This article will outline the fastest-moving items in Kenya that will get you good money.

Suppose you plan to join the e-commerce industry. In that case, it is essential to do a market analysis first, enabling you to establish your leading target group and location for a better marketing plan. Remember, the industry can be slow, just like other sectors. After establishing your market, identify the most suitable online platform and ensure you have a smooth transition from the points a client lands on your page to when they exit, payment and delivery. Tighten any gaps in communication with clients, and ensure you respond fast to customer inquiries online.

Here are the fastest moving items to sell online in Kenya ;

Clothes; The leading sales are in women’s clothes and baby clothes.

  • Fashion Accessories especially watches with unique (i.e., Ankara) features and unique jewelry.
  • Phones are the most common on online shops, especially android phones and common phone accessories like covers and earphones, and headphones. These will move quite fast if your marketing strategy is well structured.
  • Kitchen Essentials; Several people in the e-commerce industry are selling kitchen essentials from dishes to cooking pans and organizers. If you are selling quality stuff, be sure to get a good flow of customers.
  • Electronics; Laptops, TVs, and home theatres/woofers are the fastest moving items. With these, if you have good negotiating skills, you can lack to sell daily.
  • Beauty Products; Both make-up cosmetics and skincare are in high demand in Kenya. If you begin to sell skincare that tones the skin, you will be smiling to the bank very soon.

Weight loss Products; This covers both consumables, outfits, and workout equipment. Kenyans are becoming more aware of the importance of physical wellness and, therefore, the rising demand for these products.

How to be successful in the e-commerce industry in Kenya ;

  • Be patient to grow the customer portfolio and earn their trust
  • Invest in good customer support; excellent customer care services will earn you good reviews online and promote your platforms.
  • Ensure your online platforms are active and continuously updated.
  • Maintain good communication while addressing the clients consistently.
  • Using a verified payment method, like lipa na M-PESA boosts the client’s trust more than sending money to an individual’s contact.
  • Payment on delivery mode of sales creates trust between the client and you.
  • Ask your customers to leave a review of your services so that you can identify areas to improve on.

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