Diana Marua Biography : Diana and bahati relationship

Diana Marua is one of those women who never hesitate to express themselves online. She always shares a lot of stories about her and her husband, Bahati. Diana Marua is also not afraid to discuss her previous relationships with several men and how they went. Diana, a businesswoman, is one of Kenya’s most diligent women, following Akothee. We have a lot to say about this woman, so stick around as we learn more about Diana Marua Biography.

Diana and Bahati’s relationship

Diana and Bahati

Diana Bahati, whose full name is Diana Marua, is a Kenyan celebrity and the wife of musician Kevin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati. They met in 2016 during the shooting of Bahati’s hit song “Mapenzi” and have been married since then. They have three children together: Heaven, Majesty, and Nia. Diana also accepts and loves Bahati’s other child from a previous relationship. The couple is not afraid to express their affection for each other in public, often kissing and hugging.

Diana Marua age

Diana Marua is 35 years old as of the time I am writing this post. She may appear to be older than she is, but she has more than five years before she turns 40. Diana is older than her spouse Bahati, who is currently around 29 years old. Although many people are constantly worried about their age difference, the two believe they were destined to be together. They are the best couple I’ve seen so far because they adore each other despite their age.

Diana Bahati career

She has a successful career in business. She has appeared in numerous commercials, the most recent of which was filmed in Dubai and starred Bahati. Diana Marua is a content creator as well, and if you follow her, you must concur that she has a sizable following. Diana Bahati’s youtube has more than 900k subscribers.  She is also an aspiring musician who has created more than three tracks to date. Narudi Soko is her latest song and you can enjoy watching it here

Diana Marua and Bahati kids

Diana Bahati Networth

According to our research, Diana Bahati has a net worth of approximately $ 168K from her earnings on YouTube. This is equivalent to about Kshs. 18 million. She also earns income from product deals such as Bountiful Safaris. Some other sources say that she has a net worth of more than Kshs. 25 million. That is all we have for now concerning Diana Marua Biography.

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