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Just like human beings, dogs have their special food when they are suffering from a different kinds of illnesses. A common case in many dogs is being allergic to a particular food in the market. You must be familiar with your dog to avoid feeding it food that will affect it. In my article, I will discuss and give ideas on the best dog food for allergies.

Best dog food for allergies and yeast infections

It is very normal to find dogs suffering from allergic reactions mostly from their food or even surroundings. Most of these allergies are often a result of dust, food allergens, pollen or even mould.

As a dog owner, it is difficult for you to pick out what your dog is allergic to unless you get the services of a veterinary. They will help figure out the type of allergy and what is causing it and then advice on how to deal with it. 

If it is a food-based allergy, then it is only safe to try and eliminate the food ingredients present that are likely to bring about the allergy reaction.

How to identify allergies in dogs

You notice some of the following symptoms from your dogs, and they may be the easiest signs and symptoms for a dog having allergic reactions.

  • Having chronic ear infections that are not healing
  • The dog sneezes a lot 
  • There are noticeable scabs or even rashes on the dog’s skin
  • The skin becomes red and inflamed
  • The dog is always itching and uncomfortable
  • There are some gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, diarrhoea or even excess gas

Different food solutions for dogs with allergies

It is possible to feed your dogs with food that does not contain the ingredients causing allergic reactions. You can either use the limited ingredient food or the hypoallergenic food.

1. Limited ingredient food

When you select the limited ingredient food, it is possible for you to identify exactly what components of that food are causing the allergy. When you can finally pick what is not needed in the diet or what is causing the allergy, then you start eliminating it. 

You can do this by getting dog food that is free from those allergy-causing ingredients. There are different types of limited ingredient foods and they come in different flavours that you can always select those that satisfy your dog’s needs.

2. Hypoallergenic food

This type of food diet has some unique protein sources which will not be recognized by the dog’s antibodies as antigens, and will not cause any allergy reactions. 

Most of these hypoallergenic foods usually contain protein that has been hydrolyzed into amino acid building blocks, making the original allergen invisible to the dog’s immune system. An example of such hydrolyzed protein is soy protein which is great for dogs with allergic reactions.

Best dog foods for allergies

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Wet Dog Food 

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Wet Dog Food

This is among the best dog food for allergies available as it comes with only a few ingredients and very high quality deboned turkey as well as turkey broth. Most of the components in this dog food are turkey meaning your dog cannot react to it.

The nutrient composition of this food is mostly proteins being about 41%, 23% fat and 28% carbohydrates. Most dogs are usually bred to survive mostly on protein, and this Merrick Limited Ingredient is a great option.

There are also other great food flavours if the dog is allergic to turkeys such as lamb or duck recipes. If your dogs can eat all the food flavours, then it is a great option to alternate between them so that it does not develop more food allergies.


  • It has a limited ingredient portion
  • There are many different recipes available for you to choose from
  • It has really high-quality ingredients
  • It has a great and quality macronutrient composition


  • It has peas as an ingredient making it not suitable for allergic dogs

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Wet Dog Food 

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Wet Dog Food

This canned dog food is great, especially for dog owners operating on a budget. It has a limited ingredient recipe, meaning it is great for dogs that react to certain ingredients. 

It contains fish as the first ingredient which is a great pick and then dried potatoes, whole potatoes, water, and potato protein. Most dogs do not react to potatoes, but this particular dog food just has a lot of potatoes as its ingredients.

The NUTRO Limited Ingredient comes in 3 different types of flavours, which are lamb, seafood and turkey. 


  • It has quite a good amount of proteins in its composition
  • There are only a few ingredients found in this dog food
  • It is quite affordable, especially for people working on a budget
  • It has a high-quality fish composition as a first ingredient


  • It contains a lot of potatoes in its composition

Taste of the Wild Prey 

Taste of the Wild PREY dog food

This is a great option of dog food and especially for puppies, but not for those dogs that eventually grow to become beasts.

The main ingredient is turkey, a really main selection for most dog food. Most dogs are not allergic to turkey since it is not a common ingredient in most dog foods. Other ingredients in this dog food are lentils, a quite affordable source of proteins.

All the other components are great nutritional supplements and great for allergic dogs. It has about 45% of carbohydrates which is a little high for dog food, making it the only disadvantage.

There are no added grains or artificial colours, flavours or even preservatives making this a great choice for puppies. It also includes some added omega fatty acids, which come in to help in maintaining a good and healthy skin for your dog.

Now you can choose the best dog food for allergies if you have a dog suffering from this condition.

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