Georgina Njenga Biography, Boyfriend, Education and Leaked Videos and Photos

When we talk about Georgina Njenga Biography, expect a lot of details from this young celeb who has become the talk of the town after her bedroom videos leaked to the Public. Georgina Njenga is a married woman and she is blessed with one Kid. This article will cover more about Georgina Njenga’s age, career, education, and more about her marriage life

Georgina Njenga leaked video

georgina njenga video

Next time if you are recording yourself Naked, don’t even think about sharing those videos and photos with anyone including your boyfriend. A lot of celebrities are now crying foul after the video record of their birth suit is leaked to the public.

The latest culprit is Georgina Njenga, wife to Bahati who used to be a Machachari actor that was aired on Citizen Tv. Georgina Njenga is not the first celebrity to undergo this kind of a mess, Mary lincon who is a Kikuyu famous musician also went through the same mess

Georgina, recorded this video when she was 17 years old before meeting Bahati who is now her husband. The video was sent to her Ex some years ago and Georgina thinks that her ex is the one who leaked the video. For the last 2 months, Kenyans have been searching for georgina njenga video via Twitter and Telegram.

Georgina Njenga age

Georgina Njenga age

Georgina Njenga, real name Georgina Njeri Njenga, is a well-known Kenyan YouTuber, content creator, TikToker, influencer, and online personality. She was born on September 9, 2001. Georgina was raised by her mother because she lost her father when she was three years old. She attributes all of her success to her mother, who has always been encouraging.

Education of Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga, according to a close source, is a high school dropout. After completing her secondary education, she never went on to further her education in college.
Georgina Njenga began pursuing her job at a young age after completing her high school education in 2019 at the age of 18. She has not yet stated if she plans to continue her university studies.

Georgina Njenga boyfriend and family

georgina njenga and tyler mbaya

Georgina Njenga and Baha have been wed since the year 2020 when they first began dating. They are blessed with a child together. At the age of 20, Georgina gave birth to Astra Kamau, her first child. The child has the name of Baha’s mother. Even after Georgina published the video, the couple is still solid. Both Baha and Georgina Njenga have tattoos the latest one being of their newborn Astra Kamau

georgina njenga tattoos

Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya breakup

It is now established that Tyler Mbaya, better known by his stage name Baha, and Georgina Njenga are no longer together. She responded to people who had inquired about her wellbeing by saying that she is safe and enjoying her new relationship. The co-parenting was mentioned by Georgina Njenga. Due to numerous difficulties, the couple decided their marriage was not working and they decided to separate.

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