Equity Bank Customer care number – Equity bank online portal

If you are a member of equity bank then you must be on the list of those people who have been looking for Equity Bank Customer care number – Equity bank online portal. Sometimes something may happen to your equity bank account and you need to contact the bank. This may be an emergency case that needs a quick response. The best thing about equity bank customer care is that they are reliable. If you have an emergency and you need to contact equity bank, you need to use the contact information listed below.

Equity Bank Customer care number

Phone Number: 0763 026000

Equity bank email address: info@equitybank.co.ke

Equity bank head office: 0763 023000

Equity bank swift code

Sometimes you may be requested for a swift code just in case a company outside would like to pay you. Many companies use the money to rewire and to do such a process, the company that is paying you must be provided with a swift code.

Equity bank swift code: EQBLKENA

Equity bank online portal

Equity bank online portal

Sometimes you may decide to access equity services online. Equity online portal is a self-service available online where you are supposed to create an account and by so doing you can be able to access equity bank services. Using this self-service portal, u can be able to access your balance and anything else concerning your account. To access equity bank online portal, visit, Selfservice.equitybankgroup.com

Equity bank mpesa paybill number – 247247

If you decide to send money to Equity bank account, you need a pay bill number. The account number remains the account you want to deposit while the pay bill number is always identical. Equity bank mpesa pay bill number is 247247. 

Equity bank Loans

Like any other bank, equity bank is licensed to offer financial services. If you have an account with equity bank then it easier for you to acquire a loan. To get a loan, you must provide financial security like a logbook and title deed. The loan processing doesn’t take long and many businessmen prefer Equity bank.

There are three types of Equity bank loans.

  • salary advance
  • equilone
  • flexi-salo

Salary advance

This is the type of loan offered to employed people. Just in case an employee has an emergency, the bank can be able to offer 4 times your total salary. You can get up to 300,000/= deposited directly to your account without the need for collateral with a payment period of 60months. This type of loan has an insurance policy against death or disability. For you to qualify for such a loan you must be employed and be an active member of an equity bank.


This is almost like a salary advance since for you to get a loan, you must be an employed person. The difference between equilone and salary advance is that equilone helps an individual to acquire an asset like a house, car, or even to open a business. You must provide a memorandum of understanding between you and your employee before qualifying for the loan. The repayment should be done within 60 months.


This a type of loan which is offered to salaried customers whose employees has no agreement with equity bank. They can get a loan of up to 2 million depending on whether they can be able to pay the amount. The repayment period is 60 months and the loan is protected by an insurance policy in case of death or disability. For you to qualify for this loan you must be an equity bank account holder and you must show other sources of income. In think by now you understand more about Equity Bank Customer care number – Equity bank online portal, Just incase you got any question you can comment below.

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