Insurance companies in Kenya – Britams holding

If you live in Kenya, then you have a variety of insurance companies to choose from. Today I would like to cover on Insurance companies in Kenya – Britams holding. In this world, you can insure anything including your life and family. You can also insure all your asset. The purpose of insuring your asset is to get paid just in case of a fire breakout or theft. By doing so you will be secured and just such an occurrence happens, you can be compensated.

There are several Insurance companies in Kenya that deal with both asset and human services but today I will cover Britams.

Britams holding – financial service company

It is one of the leading insurance companies and financial service groups in Kenya. The group is available in several African countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique, and South Sudan. This company is worth more than 4 billion. It was founded in 1965 and its main office is at upper hill Nairobi Kenya. Britam is not only a financial service company but it also offers insurance services.

Type of covers available at Britams

Personal cover which includes

  • Critical illness cover
  • Education cover
  • Funerals
  • Medical covers
  • Personal accidents and travel cover

Business covers which include;

  • Britam biashara
  • Engineering insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Cyber insurance
  • You can also insure your employees and your institution

Type of covers available at Britams

Britam company can insure your car from physical damage and make sure your car is compensated if something happens while driving. If you own a vehicle whether personal or for business purposes, Britam company can offer insurance services. They offer 3 types of insurance packages,

  • 3rd party insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Motor commercial vehicle insurance.

With 3rd party, the insurance company assists you to pay your partner just in case you knock his vehicle while driving. Remember if you got 3rd party package, your car damage won’t be compensated by the insurance body. For your damages to be paid you must have comprehensive insurance. If you are operating a commercial vehicle then you need Motor commercial vehicle insurance.

That’s all for today about Insurance companies in Kenya – Britams holding till next time keep it here for more information

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