Flaqo Raz Biography, Real Name, Education, Before Fame, Career and Challenges

Before I give you more details about Flaqo Raz Biography, I would like to give you some

  • Fraqo was born on 25th December
  • Flaqo is a comedian, artist, dancer, and scriptwriter
  • Flaqo real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno
  • Flaqo comes from Kisumu
  • Flaqo has a degree in Public Health
  • Flaqo has worked with CAK, Samsung & Airtel
  • Flaqo is straight; the ‘Mama Otis’ character is just for entertainment purposes.

Flaqo Raz is one of the funniest public figures of the era. He is an artist, a scriptwriter, a comedian and a dancer. Flaqo came up dominating in the entertainment industry during the pandemic in 2020. He is famous for playing different characters in one scene. He started with mama Otis, a rigorous and no-nonsense mother who causes her son Otis sleepless nights due to unrealistic trouble and overreacting to his son’s wrongs. Later on, he added other characters like Akoth, Bakari and Baba Otis.

Official Name

Erastus Ayieko Otieno is Flaqo’s real name. He was born on Christmas Day at Agha Khan Hospital. He is approximately 28 years old.


Primary – Xaverian Primary School

High School – St. Mary’s High School

University- Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University

He graduated with a degree in Public Health from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University in 2018. Growing up, he was a very focused and earnest learner, and no one could imagine he had such deep humor inside of him.

Life after School

He moved out of his parents’ house after high school and began trying to discover his best skill; he tried R&B music, but he gave up due to the high population in the industry. He resolved to do comedy that Kenyans can relate with. He had tapped on the right path as it is true that most Kenyans loved to watch content they could connect with their personal lives.


Flaqo had reached out to many celebrities, but he got no positive response, so he chose to venture independently. Soon one of his videos capturing impressions of Bahati and Khaligraph Jones was trending. Within two days of releasing this video, he gained 10k followers on IG.

Career Journey

After capturing several celebrity impressions, Flaqo began introducing other characters like Baba Otis, Mama Otis, Otis, and Baraka, the dancer; the other characters summarize how African families relate as parents and kids. He plays the different characters very well and has attracted a lot of attention because of how amazing the plays are. The funniest character is Mama Otis, an inspiration of how most African moms raise their children and his mother, who was withheld from him pursuing comedy at the beginning.


  • The character, Mama Otis, did not get received quickly by his home people in Kisumu. At first, they thought Flaqo was going crazy, so they did not embrace his comedy.
  • Many people have mistaken him for being rich as soon as his videos went viral. He would feel pressure from the public when he lived his ordinary life like boarding public matatus, eating at a kibandaski, among others.
  • He left Nairobi and moved to Kisumu to try and lower the attention on his end, but this did not get any better. He sought inspiration from other once broke celebrities because he could not understand how to deal with fame.
  • Brand endorsements did not come as quickly as he had thought. Unlike others in comedy like Brenda Jones, Mulamwah, Crazy Kennar, he felt stagnant, among others. Brenda Jones encouraged him amidst the uncertain times. Sooner, Flaqo began to receive brand endorsement requests, and so far, he has worked with the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), Samsung, and Airtel.

Personal Values

Flaqo is very humble and funny in real life; his jokes also crack him up. He is a people person, and he values his followers and fans. He takes their comments seriously and aims to improve his content according to their comments. Flaqo is among the few celebrities who read their DM’s as he says he might miss a job opportunity or valuable response by ignoring them.

Flaqo’s Sexual Orientation

Amidst rumors and silent talks about his sexual orientation, Flaqo mentioned that he is mistaken due to his character of ‘Mama Otis’ and his nose and ear piercings. To address the matter, he said;

‘ For everyone who has been waiting for me to come out, they can give up their assumptions because I am  straight and  I am coming out of nowhere. There is nothing about me that is feminine beyond the character Mama Otis. When I take off those clothes it is just me, Flaqo’.

 I hope now you know more about Flaqo Raz Biography, his age, education and much more. Keep it here for more updates

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