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Founder Tz is a new artist from Tanzania who has started to gain popularity in the world of music. The artist has released his new song called Nitatokaje, which is a thrilling and touching song that appeals to the listeners’ emotions. Keep it here as we take you through Founder Tz Biography

Founder Tz Family

Founder Tz is a Tanzanian-born, but his father is Congolese and his mother is Tanzanian. They live in a refugee camp in Kigoma. Founder Tz’s parents separated, and Founder Tz chose to follow his mother to Kigoma. When he arrived at his mother’s place, he felt like crying because the living conditions were very challenging, but he decided to stay with her anyway.

The help he needs right now is for someone to build them a better shelter because the way they live now is not good at all. Founder Tz’s mother is a farmer and they depend on the crops from the farm, and if they fail to get a harvest, they have to sleep without food. In the family, there are two boys and three girls.

Founder Tz appreciates the support he gets from his sisters because they were the first ones to encourage him that one day he will make it since he has talent. He says he admires Diamond Platnumz very much and he wishes to meet him one day. He would like Diamond Platnumz to accept him to work with one of the artists from Wasafi Label.

Founder Tz has impressed many people with his talent and skills, and he has been featured in several interviews. He lives with his mother and three siblings in a small room, where they share a bed. He dreams of becoming a famous musician and improving his family’s living conditions. His mother did not support his musical aspirations at first, but she changed her mind when he started earning money from his performances. Founder Tz is grateful for her support and hopes to make her proud.

Founder Tz – Nitatokaje

The song describes in detail the challenges and opportunities of youth life in society, and how they can cope with them with courage and creativity. The song has been well received by fans and music stakeholders, who have praised it for its message that motivates and educates, as well as for its quality of sound and musical instruments.

The artist said that his goal is to provide entertainment and education to society through his music and that he likes to make music that represents the reality of people’s lives. Founder Tz also said that he expects to work with other talented and like-minded artists, in order to uplift the music industry in Tanzania and Africa in general.

Founder Tz also expressed his gratitude to all the people who participated in making and distributing his song, including his production team, sponsors, media, and fans. The artist also asked his fans to continue supporting him in his musical journey and promised to bring them more good songs.

Watch Nitatokaje video by Founder Tz here

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