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Richest Artists in Tanzania

Richest Artists in Tanzania;

The list of wealthiest Tanzanian artists in 2021 is different from 2020 because music has changed over time. Most Tanzanian artists have made a lot of money in the music industry, and the sector also contributes a lot to the country’s economy. Tanzania takes pride in leading with the highest number of talented musicians and even better because the Magufuli Government greatly supports the artists.

Richest Artists in Tanzania - wasanii matajiri tanzania 2021

We know many people who have longed to know the wealthiest artists, and below is a list of the Tanzanian artists and the money they have in their banks.

The richest Tanzanian Musicians

1.Diamond Platnumz

Utajiri wa diamond platnumz - Diamond platnumz net worth

Diamond Platnumz is a very talented artist from Tanzania. Besides being an artist, Diamond is a businessman and the manager of the WCB. He was born in Tandale, Dar Es Salaam, and he owns Wasafi FM, Wasafi TV, and the WCB Label. He is estimated to be worth $8 million, and it is predicted that in the coming year, this may rise.

2. Harmonize

utajiri wa harmonize - Harmonize net worth

Harmonize has shaken the Wasafi community with incredible music. He left the Wasafi Management, but he has gradually grown and made more wealth. He knows how to create great music, and he learned a lot from Diamond. He owns massive mansions and luxurious vehicles. Right now, Harmonize owns the Konde gang label with Ibra and County Boy. He has gained his wealth through music downloads and live performances across the world. He is married to Sarah, who has contributed significantly to his success with an approximate wealth of $6million. Her family is involved in the preparation and trading of minerals.


Utajiri wa alikiba - Alikiba networth

Alikiba holds the second position among Tanzanian most loved musicians. He produces excellent lifetime music, but he takes time, so his music has less consistent. He is an artist, music writer, and actor. He is very secretive with his personal life, and he keeps his achievements low-key. He is estimated to have about $ 5.5 million worth of wealth is generated from selling his music online and through copywriting music. To host Alikiba at your event, you should be able to give a minimum of $4000.

4. Professor Jay

Utajiri wa professor jay - Professor jay net worth

Joseph Haule, aka Professor Jay, is one of the oldest musicians in Tanzania. Joseph is known for his excellent writing skills in hip-hop music. He has been in politics before and served the Mikumi Constituency and having lost the seat in 2020, he may go back to music altogether. He is estimated to have $4.5 million.

5. Lady Jaydee

utajiri wa lady jaydee - Lady Jaydee wealth

Her full name is Judith Wambura Mbibo, and she is one of the most talented musicians in Tanzania since a while ago and has a great voice. She is a great artist, businesswoman, and writer of poems. She is very well respected by upcoming musicians like Nandy and Zuchu, as one of the female artists who promoted art in Tanzania. She is estimated to have $4.2 million in wealth.

6. Rayvanny | Vanny Boy

Utajiri wa Rayvanny - Rayvanny net worth

He is among the very first artists who were signed under the Wasafi label when it was launched. Vanny Boy is one of the most talented artists under Wasafi, and his music has grown with exceptional singles and great collaborations. He is estimated to have $4.1 million.

7. Zuchu

Utajiri wa Zuchu - Zuchu net worth

She is one of the newest artists in Tanzania signed under the Wasafi Label. She has grown her popularity extensively within a short period of being in the industry, and she is selling most of her music through paid downloads. She and Rayvann recently were recorded sharing that they got a lot of money from the downloads. She has recorded great collaborations, some with Diamond and Rayvann, among others. Her songs have great views on YouTube, and they are often played on air. She is estimated to have $4 million by now, and her worth may rise in the coming months.

8. Vanessa Mdee

Utajiri wa venessa mdee - Venessa Mdee net worth

Vanessa has been in music since 2008, and she did several collaborations with different artists across Africa. Vanessa is not active in music anymore, but she is among the wealthiest musicians in Tanzania. Vanessa has been part of the MTV base anchor team and has one of the best voices. She is a lover of Rotimi, an artist and an actor of the Power series led by 50 cent. She has about $3.8 million.


9. A.Y Tanzania

Utajiri wa ay tanzania - Ay tanzania net worth

AY is one of the oldest musicians in Tanzania who started his journey in music in the 90s. He officially started singing in 1996 under a group called S.O.G, but later in 2002, he went out to make music independently. He is among the artists who began the bongo hip hop alongside Professor Jay and Mwana F.A. He cannot miss on the list of rich musicians because he has mastered the art the longest with about $3.5 million.

10. Juma Nature

Utajiri wa juma nature - Juma nature Net worth

He is the founder of Wanaume Halisi, a group in Temeke district, Dar Es Salaam, comprising of artists with small incomes. The group is famous for rib-cracking live shows, and you will not regret any amount you pay for your entrance to the events. He is estimated to be with $2.1 million.

11. Baraka Da Prince

Utajiri wa Baraka da prince - Baraka the prince networth

He is known to many as an ordinary artist, but Baraka is among the richest artists in Tanzania with $2million. He has a great voice and a unique ability to change his vocals to make his music more enjoyable.

12. Dully Sykes

Utajiri wa Dully Sykes - Dully Sykes networth

He is among the oldest artists. Although his level of wealth is not known, he owns several businesses. He owns a music studio where he assists upcoming artists to record musicians, and he has a passion for developing the community by promoting talent.

Richest Artists in Tanzania in Summary

  1. Diamond Platnumz $8 million
  2. Harmonize $6 million
  3. Alikiba $5.5 million
  4. Professor Jay $4.5 million
  5. Lady Jaydee $4.2 million
  6. Rayvann | Vanny Boy 4.1 million
  7. Zuchu $4 million
  8. Vanessa Mdee $3.8 million
  9. Juma Nature 2.1 million
  10. Baraka da Prince $2 million
  11. Dully Sykes

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