History of Amber Ray : Amber Ray Biography, Age, Family.

History of Amber Ray : Amber Ray Biography, Age, Family: If you are an established social media user, you have likely come across Amber Ray. She is a famous influencer and fashionista who cares less about what people think or say. As a social media influencer, her name is her selling point.

Amber ray before and after

Amber Ray is a beautiful and curvy woman who stands firm even in the face of hatred and rumours. A while back, some rumours claimed Amber Ray was a prostitute but she did not address those rumours; instead, this is what she said;

amber ray zaheer jihanda

“ One day you will regret deeply but as at now, I forgive you “

Amber Ray shared that she loves God and one day, she will disclose her journey in life. She added that she loves God very much but she is not saved. Amber Ray’s full name is Faith Makau and she was born on 3rd November 1992.

According to Amber Ray, she has worked in very diverse areas in her life. Among those jobs, she sold matumbo, beans, and worked as an assistant at e-citizen technologies.

Amber ray house

A while back, Amber Ray got married as a second wife to a politician, namely, Zaheer. The first wife of Zaheer is known as Aaliyah Zaheer, accused her of using witchcraft to trap Zaheer into marriage. Later on, she shared that she had broken up with the politician.


“ I would like to pass an important message about the status of my life. I know some of you will be happy to hear this especially those who think I hold them hostage l. I am here to inform you that I have ended my relationship with Zaheer Merlahi Jihanda and I do not want to be associated with him or his family.” Amber Ray stated.

Brown mauzo and amber ray

After breaking up with Zaheer, Amber Ray dates several others, among them being Brown Mauzo. She also informed the public that she would never be a second wife again.

amber ray age

Not long after her breakup, she informed the public that she married Jamal ‘Rohosafi’ Marlow as a second wife. Jamal defended Amber Ray saying she had changed and he loves her too. He further informed the public that he would keep his relationship with Amber Ray and his first wife.

Amber ray and Jamal roho safi

Jamal met his first wife in high school and the two got married later on and have children together. Jamal added that he loves his first wife and he will continue to take care of his family.

Amber Ray has a son by the name of Gavin. Her son is very cheerful and she loves posting his photos on her social media platforms.

Amber Ray and son Gavin

Faith Makau has never disclosed about her parents or shared their photos. A while back, she revealed a part of her relationship with her father. She said her father chased her out of their home long ago. The reason behind this is because she refused to get married in exchange for money from his father.

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