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Why you should own a kitenge outfit : Kitenge designs

Why you should own a kitenge outfit : Kitenge designs: Kitenge is one of those attires that have not been outdated no matter how long they have been here. It is even more interesting how more people have embraced this African attire for various occasions with more upcoming talented tailors to make you kitenge dresses and skirts. Whether you want a kitenge for events like traditional weddings or white weddings, you need to first come up with the design of interest to you. Pinterest is the best platform to search for a variety of designs. You can check out the latest kitenge designs in Kenya or ask your tailor to design one for you. Clothes should make you bold and communicate your language of fashion. Here are some reasons why you should own a kitenge outfit.

Classy and Decency

In this era, we have numerous designs that will suit your desired class and still stand out. Kitenges for work are very many and they fulfil your work dressing code. The important tip is to ensure your tailor has the appropriate measurements and has some experience in preparing such outfits.


Most kitenge designs for long dresses result in very comfortable outfits. If you want to wear your kitenge in cold weather, long kitenge dresses and coats will come in handy. Most of the latest kitenge designs for ladies aim at comfort, so whether you like long or short, what really matters are the occasion you want to wear it and how you feel when wearing it.

latest kitenge designs for ladies 2020 kenya


Kitenge outfits are never outdated and it is even better because they are trendy and their previous designs can always be advanced to catch up with upcoming trends. Kitenge outfits have picked up trends faster due to their suitability for couples. With numerous kitenge designs for couples, you are able to custom make everything.  Nigerian kitenge designs have been preferred on many occasions by numerous couples.

latest kitenge designs 2020 for ladies kenya

Everyone who wants to own their first kitenge holds back due to fear of disappointment and investing money in the wrong tailor. You have probably heard from people that custom making a kitenge can be very frustrating but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out the following tips to help you get the ideal kitenge outfit;

  • Take current measurements with the tailor, sharing old measurements may alter the size of the outfit.
  • Pick the right design by considering external factors like weather, theme colour of events and authenticity. You will love your kitenge outfit more when it is unique.
  • Refer to your outfit preferences for a comfortable design. If you feel more comfortable in long outfits, it’s best to go for exactly that. This reduces your disappointments to try a new outfit and end up disliking it.
  • If the design you want is ready-made, visit some stalls selling kitenge outfits and try them before you settle on the design. Make sure you love how you look and feel.
  • Pick designs with your body shape. When looking for designs online, go for designs whose models are of your size and shape.
  • Finally, pick the right tailor. You can check for their online reviews or work with the tailors referred to you by family and friends.

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