Ka-Siri Maisha Magic Actors Real Names

I hope you’re all ready for a new TV show called Ka-Siri, which will air on Maisha Magic. The show is likely to be a major hit because it stars some of Kenya’s best actors. Lulu Hassan and Rashid, Lulu’s husband from Jiffy Pictures, have decided to include some Kenyan legend actors and actresses, and if you were born during the time when Tausi TV Sho aired, you would enjoy this new drama. Keep it here as we take you through this exciting show as we reveal Ka-Siri Maisha Magic Actors Real Names.

Ka-Siri synopsis

The clich├ęd notion of “the rich also cry” is explored in a telenovela named Ka-siri. The fascinating plot revolves around Zula, an incredibly wealthy man who is slain in a home invasion, leaving behind a home engulfed with passion, lies, discoveries, secrets, and unexpected disclosures. Viewers will be taken on a dramatic rollercoaster to find out who wins in the end. “Ka-Siri” has an excellent portfolio of over 100 episodes, offering its viewers a long-lasting and engaging experience.

Ka-Siri Maisha Magic Actors

  1. Saada Fateh – MAKENA
  2. Angel Atieno – KIMBERLY
  3. Nyakundi Isaboke – NGASH
  4. Tina Wamwati – KANAMBO
  5. Nancy Wanjiku Karanja – SHIKS
  6. Ann Muli – PAT
  8. Sheila Ndanu – DORA

Saada Fateh – Makena

Saada Fateh - Makena Ka-siri actors

Saada Fateh, who will play Makena, is a familiar face to many. She was one of the key actresses in the Kovu TV series, and she was also given the opportunity to shine in the Sultana TV show, which aired on Citizen TV. Saada Fateh understands what is required of an actress and always ensures that she delivers what is expected of her character.

Nancy Wanjiku Karanja – SHIKS

Nancy Wanjiku Karanja - SHIKS

Nancy Wanjiku Karanja a.k.a Shiks Kapienga will be acting as SHIKS. She began acting when she was still a young girl, and if you’ve been following her, you know that she played one of the lead roles in the Netflix film Nairobi Half-Life. shiks Additionally, Kapienga appeared in the NTV television programme Beba Beba. We still don’t have enough information on the person this lovely daughter is seeing, although there was once a rumor that she was dating comedian Mc Jessee.

Tuku Kantu – Taji

Tuku Kantu - Taji

Tuku Kantu from Vijana Barubaru is featured in the television serial Ka-siri. He’ll be playing Taji. Many people know him as one of Kenya’s top musicians, and his band Vijana Barubaru is performing well. We can’t wait to see how excellent he is at acting and hope he doesn’t let us down. Including Tuku Kantu from Vijana Barubaru was one of the better decisions Rashid and Lulu Hassan made since he will bring more viewers to the television show.

Those are some of Ka-Siri Maisha Magic Actors, we will keep on updating this information as time goes on. We are hoping that Ka-siri will entertain and will be of high standard. We believe in Jiffy Pictures because they have been releasing hot TV shows like Maria, Sultana, and Becky that are aired on Citizen TV. Zari is another product from Jiffy Pictures that will also be aired at Maisha Magic plus

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