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Zari Maisha magic actors real names

Zari is a new telenovela that will air on the DSTV channel Maisha Magic. Brenda Wairimu, Sarah Hassan, and Yasmin said, better known as Maria, are among the show’s top actors. Jiffy Pictures’ Lulu Hassan and Rashid are the producers of this fantastic television show. The drama in this programme is must-see, and I guarantee your nights will never be the same again.

Zari Maisha magic actors real names

  1. Yasmin said
  2. Brenda Wairimu
  3. Sarah Hassan
  4. Angie Magio

Yasmin said

Yasmin said zari Maisha magic

Many people are familiar with what Yasmin said. She rose to prominence after starring in Maria, a show that aired on Citizen TV. She succeeded well, and people began to encourage her acting career as a result. Yasmin said was also included on another citizen television show called Sultana, though she was not the main character. We feel she will excel in zari telenovela.

Sarah Hassan


She is another prominent character in the Zari television series. Sarah Hassan, like Yasmin, is well-known. She began her acting career on Tahidi High, a television sitcom that aired on Citizen TV. Tahidi High was about high school life, namely how kids behave at school and their relationships with teachers. Sarah is also a professional producer, so she understands what is meant by good acting. Let’s see what she has to say on her new television show.

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu zari Maisha magic

She is yet another talented Kenyan actress. Wairimu was a key character in Mali, an NTv show that aired a few years ago. Brenda Wairimu has appeared in several television shows, including Selina Telenovela, which aired on Maisha Magic. Many people are expecting her to produce a lot, especially since she will be on the same show as Sarah Hassan. We wish Brenda Wairimu, Julian’s ex-wife, the best.

Angie Magio

Angie Magio

Angie Magio is another great Kenyan actress. She was born in Coast and is one of the luckiest characters you will never forget seeing on television. Magio was one of the actresses in Selina that was aired at Maisha magic and Sultana TV show, which aired on Citizen TV a few months ago. She was also a key character in the Maza TV show, which aired on Maisha Magic a few years ago. We expect her to deliver in her new television show, despite her extensive acting experience.

That’s all we have for now concerning Zari Maisha magic actors. We will keep on updating you

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