Mc Fullstop Biography, illness Age and Family

What started as a normal cough has cost him a normal life. Am talking about Mc Fullstop who recently posted on his social media that he is almost giving up. In the message, Mc Fullstop is in a stage that cannot be reversed. Read more here about Mc Fullstop Biography, illness Age, and Family.

Mc Fullstop Illness.

The illness began in December of last year (2022). He began with a simple cough. As the cough became uncontrollable, he began to experience pain similar to that of his tonsils. Tonsillitis persisted for a while, but as you all know, no one takes this type of illness seriously. Many people go to their local chemist and buy medication, and then resume their normal lives.

Around the start of March, Mc Fullstop began to experience pain in his left lib. He decided to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. He went back home, and everything returned to normal. After a few days, he began coughing, and this time he noticed some blood as he coughed When sneezing, he could notice some blood from the mucus.

Recall that he was a presenter at NRG radio at the time, hosting a show there from 7 to 10 p.m. He saw that running the program was becoming challenging because his voice was diminishing. In between DJ sets, he would occasionally take a nap in his car. One of his buddies gave him the recommendation to visit the hospital where he was admitted.

The doctor performed a CT scan, and what they saw shocked them. In fact, they claimed that many people in that circumstance shouldn’t be able to move or speak, and they had to run another scan to be sure their equipment was functioning properly. The doctor confirmed that one of his lungs had pus and he was supposed to have two minor surgery.

According to Mc Fullstop, they drained 5 liters of pus which invited more doctors to come and see what was happening. This was not over according to the doctor, there was another process of draining unwanted blood that was done after

Mc Fullstop age and real names

His real name is John Maina, He was born in 1980 meaning he is 46 years as of 2023. This guy is known from the 90s. He is one of the top hype men and if you are holding an event, Mc Fullstop should be your number one choice. He introduced himself to the entertainment industry when he was just 14 years.

Mc Fullstop career.

John Maina a.k.a Mc Fullstop has worked with many radio and Tv stations in Kenya. He started at K24 with supremacy sound, a reggae and dance hall show that was aired at K24 every Saturday. he has also worked with Kiss Fm and citizen Tv. Before getting ill, he has been working with NRG Radio.

Mc Fullsop Life

Sometimes back, there were claims that he was infected with HIV. Mc full stop had to explain that he wasn’t an HIV victim only that he has some Liver issues arguing with all the youth about taking excessive alcohol.

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