Aisha Jumwa Biography, Age and her political Journey.

Aisha Jumwa is well-known in Kenya. She is the type of lady who will not give up. Aisha Jumwa rose to prominence after being elected as a Malindi member of parliament. Aisha Jumwa ran for Kilifi Governor against Gideon Mungaro in the last Kenyan general election but lost. She was appointed as a cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Public Service because she was a close associate of William Ruto. keep it here as we discuss more concerning Aisha Jumwa Biography.

Aisha Jumwa age

Her full names are Aisha Jumwa Katana, she is from the Mijikenda tribe born on the 28th of March 1975. She was born in Malindi, Kilifi County. Since she was young, her dream has been to be a leader

Education Background

Just like Akothee, Aisha Jumwa once dropped from school to get married. Jumwa then returned to her studies because she was determined to achieve her goals. She received her primary education at Takaungu Primary School, a nearby institution. Aisha Jumwa attended Ganze secondary school before dropping out when she was in Form 2. She gave birth before resuming back to school. Aisha Jumwa later joined Kenyatta University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree

Aisha Jumwa Political Journey

Aisha Jumwa and raila Odinga

She was a close friend of Raila Odinga. I remember one day Raila Odinga had to remind her how they used to work together. He even joked that one day she slept at Aisha Jumwa’s place. During the Kanu regime, Aisha Jumwa was a councilor ( now referred to as MCA). She was elected as a councillor when she was still in school. It was in 2017 when she was elected as a member of parliament in the Malindi constituency in Kilifi County.

aisha jumwa photos

In the year 2022 general election, Aisha Jumwa vied for Kilifi governor but never won. Since he was one of the top UDA campaigners, she was lucky to be among the cabinet of William Ruto’s government.

Aisha Jumwa’s husband and children

She divorced her husband after she was asked whether to choose politics or her husband. Aisha Jumwa chose politics and she is not regretful. According to her, she is not ready to marry again. She has two kids namely, Selina Selume Sidi and Karisa Kalume Karisa

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