Rich people in Kenya : Rich man in Kenya

Most of the rich people in Kenya are in big businesses, and they have diversified their investments in different sectors of the economy. We have seen most of them thrive in agriculture, banking sectors, real estate, and media.

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  • Number of billionaires in Kenya today.
  • The factors that determine the richest people in Kenya.
  • The top 10 richest people in Kenya

Number of billionaires in Kenya today.

According to Business Daily Africa Issue, it is estimated that there are more than 400 billionaires in Kenya, with at least 70% of them staying in Nairobi. The number keeps rising with many new inflowing ideas and technologies that support the growth of businesses in all sectors.

Factors determining the richest people in Kenya

Most of the rich people in Kenya have a strong hand in leading sectors like real estate, industrial, agriculture, and banking. The calculation used to come up with the list below factors in several aspects of wealth. In this case, we used the following ;

  1. Assets; tangible and intangible
  2. Bank savings
  3. Jets/Motor vehicles
  4. Institutions
  5. Land
  6. Businesses owned

In most of the cases, the factors named below are the one that determines how rich is someone. Showing your cash doesn’t mean that you are the richest man in the world. You must have some assets and so on

The top 10 richest people in Kenya 2021

  1. Vimal Shah
  2. Narendra Raval
  3. Mama Ngina Kenyatta
  4. Naushad Merali
  5. Uhuru Kenyatta
  6. S. K Macharia
  7. Chris Kirubi
  8. Peter Munga
  9. James Mwangi
  10. Manu Chandaria

Vimal Shah

Vimal Shah

Vimal Shah is the CEO of Bidco Oil Refineries, leading in East Africa Community, and currently, he is the chairman of the East African Business Council. Under his leadership, Bidco Oil Refineries has recorded revenue of over $500 million and created distribution channels to over 14 African Countries.
Age: 61 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs. 130 billion

Narendra Raval

Narendra Raval

Narendra Raval the executive chair of Devki Group of Companies headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The companies deal with the manufacturing and production of materials used for construction purposes. Some of these materials include steel, aluminium, and cement.
Age: 59 years
Est.Net worth: Kshs. 90 billion

Mama Ngina Kenyatta

mama ngina kenyatta net worth

Mama Ngina is the wife of the late 1st president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. She is among the top billionaires in Africa. Her wealth is inflowing from the real estate, banking, and commercial trade sectors.
Age: 88 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs.85 billion

Naushad Merali

naushad merali net worth

Before his demise, Naushad Merali was the chairman of Sameer Group. Some of the drivers of his wealth include the Kendall and Vivendi entities.
Age: died at 70yrs in 2021
Est. Net worth: Kshs.75 billion

Uhuru Kenyatta

uhuru kenyatta net worth

If you talk about rich people in Kenya you must include Uhuru Kenyatta the son of Mama Ngina. Yes, Uhuru Kenyatta is a Rich man. The 4th president of Kenya is the son of Mama Ngina Kenyatta, as shown above. He is an economist and a politician by profession and has invested in different sectors of the Kenyan economy. The main ones include real estate and agricultural sectors like dairy production.
Age: 59 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs. 47 billion

S K Macharia

sk macharia net worth

Samuel Kamau Macharia, known to many as SK Macharia, is the founder and chair of Royal Media Services, one of the leading media companies in Eastern Africa.RMS is in charge of the well-known Citizen TV, Radio Citizen, and Hot96 FM, among others.
Age: about 79 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs. 40 billion

Chris Kirubi

chris kirubi net worth

The late Kenyan businessman and industrialist have been leading in the real estate sector and media production. He serves as the director of Centum Investments and owns the International Life House located along Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi.

Age: Died at 79 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs. 37 billion

Peter Munga

peter munga net worth

Peter Munga is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Equity Group of Banks, the largest in Africa by the number of customers. He has previously served in the Kenyan Ministry of Transport under Minister Michuki.
Age: 78 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs.30 billion

James Mwangi

james mwangi net worth

James Mwangi is the MD ( Managing Director ) of Equity Group Holdings PLC. Under his leadership, the company has registered over 14 million customers and is considered the most inclusive client portfolio in Africa.
Age: 59 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs. 2.6 billion

Manu Chandaria

manu chandaria net worth

Manu Chandaria is one of the leading philanthropists in Kenya Working under the Manu Chandaria Foundation. He is the CEO of Chandaria Industries, the chair of several East African Companies, and a Comcraft Group of Companies member. His investments are heavy in the production of hygiene consumables.
Age: 92 years
Est. Net worth: Kshs. 1.7 billion

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