Kareh B Biography, Age,full names,Husband

Kareh B Biography, Age,full names,Husband: Kareh B is a talented artist with a great voice who began speaking and singing Kikuyu songs as an adult. There is a lot to enjoy and love about her, and we will hare these highlights as outlined below;

  • Kareh B Full Name
  • Kareh B History
  • Kareh B Family
  • Kareh B Profession
  • Kareh B Music Career
  • Kareh B Featured Songs
  • Kareh B Social Media Platforms

Kareh B Full Name

kareh b biography

When you list the top Mugithi musicians, you will leave ‘Kareh B’ from this list. Kareh B, aka Mary Wangare Gioche, is one of the most celebrated musicians in the Kikuyu community.

Kareh B History

Kareh B was one of the featured actresses in the Tahidi High TV Show. Kareh B desired to know Kikuyu following her experience from high school, where her classmates would gossip and laugh at her because she could not understand the language. To perfect her spoken Kikuyu, she joined Kikuyu Theatre, started listening to Kikuyu radio stations, and engaging friends to correct her tenses. The effort was very fruitful because she later managed to begin singing in Kikuyu.

Kareh B Family

kareh b husband

Kareh B has led a very private life. You will agree with many of her followers that she is beautiful and had an excellent rapport with people, but information about her relationships has remained private and undisclosed.

Kareh B Profession

Kareh B shared previously at an interview that she wanted to pursue law when she was younger. Since 2009, Kareh has been involved intensely in stage and film entertainment and, most importantly, singing since 2017. She shares that due to the love of the two, she is considering pursuing law to be an Entertainment Lawyer. Kareh B is also an expert in interior design and is a film actress. Kareh B is also the CEO and founder of KarehB Events.

Kareh B Music Career

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Kareh B’s music career started as she performed on stage mainly at the country music festivals; she is a performer and an entertainer. She started performing on stage for different roles in the 2000s and began recording music later in 2017. She has since then released several collaborations with the Kikuyu Mugithi King of Mashette, Jose Gatutura. The two have also been performing at clubs together and attracted more audiences due to their excellence at performing.

Kareh B Featured Songs

Since joining music fully in 2017, Kareh B has been featured on several hit songs alongside Jose Gatutura, a well-known artist in the Mugithi Industry. She has also done several interviews, and indeed from most of them, she is full of energy, and she entertains effortlessly.

kareh b age

Some of the top leading songs she has been featured on include ;

  1. Tuirio Twega
  2. Mashette The King
  3. Gathima Gakwa
  4. Mwari Muthamaki
  5. Ndukamene

Some of her solo hit tracks include;

  1. Haha Nigutee 2
  2. Ninguikitie C.R.B
  3. Woe Gakenge
  4. Ndukahituke
  5. Ndimunogu


Kareh B Social Media Platforms

Kareh B and Jose often perform together, but for up to date performances and concerts, be sure to like and follow her on social media platforms as highlighted below;

kareh b pregnant

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