Tehanani Maisha magic actors and actresses real names

Tehanani Maisha magic actors and actresses real names; Many people have been following the Tehanani series, but the majority do not know what Tehanani means. We got in touch with the executive writer of the series, Fakii Kosoloi, and he has taught us a lot we did not know.

Fakii kasoloi tehanani maisha magic
Fakii kasoloi

The Tehanani series aired on Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic Plus is a product of Rhambu Media. The series is about two stepbrothers, Safari and Fataki, who are in rivalry following their father’s decision to award Safari with lots of wealth inheritance and leaving Faraki, the stepson with nothing.

The conflict affects Safari’s wife, Haluwa, and his daughter Lulu when Safari is sent to prison. Fataki is determined to do anything possible to get his inheritance from Haluwa. The situation pushes Haluwa to stand firm to protect her family and the wealth of her husband.

The meaning of Tehanani;

Tehanani means TENSION. The status of being in a place of hatred, conflict and angered people.

Executive writer of Tehanani, Fakii Kasoloi is a well-known creator in the acting area. He has more than thirty years of writing in the coastal region. Some of the works he has written include; Almasi, Sumu, Utandu, Kashfa,Pete and Kaidi. He has also acted in one of the recent series, Nyaya Rukia as Mzee Rajab.

The Co-writer of Tehanani is Fatma Kassim.

Fatma Kassim - Co writer tehanani maisha magic
Fatma Kassim – Co writer

The main actors and their real names ;

  1. Mathew Kathengi -Safari
  2. John Mbura – Fataki
  3. Mwanahamisi Ali – Haluwa
  4. Bwire Ndubi – Regina
  5. Joseph Mutemi – Inspector Mwero
  6. Elizabeth Bana – Sada
  7. Jasmine John – Lulu Safari
Elizabeth bana - Sada tehanani maisha magic
Elizabeth bana – Sada
Bwire Ndubi - Regina tehanani maisha magic
Bwire Ndubi – Regina
Mwanahamisi Ali - Haluwa Tehanani maisha magic
Mwanahamisi Ali – Haluwa
Mathew Kathengi - Safari Tehanani maisha magic
Mathew Kathengi – Safari
Joseph Mutemi - Inspector Mwero tehanani maisha magic
Joseph Mutemi – Inspector Mwero
John Mbura - Fataki tehanani maisha magic east
John Mbura – Fataki
Jasmine John Lulu Safari Hauna tehanani maisha magic
Jasmine John – Lulu Safari Hauna

There you have it. I think now you have enough information about Tehanani Maisha magic actors and actresses real names. Keep it here for more updates

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