Top list of the most marketable courses in Kenya

A lot of people who enrol in universities, colleges and technical training institutions believe that they can take any course not even considering whether it is in the list of  the most marketable courses in Kenya. This is one of the biggest mistakes most Kenyans do.  There are a lot of changes due to the advancing technology and also the number of graduates has increased thus creating a lot of competitions in most courses. Some courses which used to be prominent are now not on the list of the most marketable courses. This is the reason why you should take much consideration before choosing a particular course in Kenya.

We have done the research and the discussed courses below are now considered as the most marketable courses in Kenya 2021.

Intellectual property law course

Intellectual property law course

Kenyans are now on the top list of the most creative people in the world. There are a lot of innovations and a lot of Kenyans who are innovators didn’t even go to school but they have talent. Many of those Kenyans are artists who are not yet registered with authorities who can stand with them in case something goes wrong with their innovations. The innovators sometimes need legal representatives which in this case, many Kenyans who are innovators do not have legal advisers to settle their disputes whenever they arise. This is the reason why they need Intellectual property lawyers and in this case, we consider intellectual property law as one of the most marketable courses in Kenya.

Nowadays a lot of Kenyans are now creating youtube content. The growing number of creators on YouTube and other digital streaming platforms is another reason why intellectual property law will be essential all the time. The reason why Kenyans are now turning to youtube is to make income considering at the moment there is no employment in Kenya. With such kinds of situations, Kenyan singers and entertainers have adopted these sites like youtube and websites. In case one own a youtube, there is a big possibility that sometimes there will be some issues on copyright matters that must be settled quickly,  For such kind of matter to be settled, an intellectual property specialist must be available.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing courses in kenya

If I omit Digital marketing in my list of the most marketable courses in Kenya, then my list will be incomplete. Whatever the business you are into must be advertised and that is when you need a digital marketer. A lot of businesses have grown due to the digital arena and thanks to our country because almost every Kenyan can now access a high internet connection. For a person to be good in digital marketing, he or she must have studied digital marketing and may hold a degree in this course. This is one of the reason why experts consider this course as one of the finest and listed as a marketable course in Kenya.


Cyber security courses in kenya

A lot of Prominent banks in Kenya usually report fraud cases most of the time. This makes them lose a lot of cash and this affects their business. This does not mean that most banks only lose their money through technology-related. Don’t forget there are also buglers who don’t rely on technology. The reason why there are cyberattacks on banks is that a lot of people uses mobile banking to send or receive money which is easier and quicker for them instead of visiting the bank. This makes it simples for cyber-attacks to get access to the money in the bank.

This does not apply that only the banking industries need cybersecurity. We should also consider the real estate industry which is considered as one of the major benefits of technology and as I said before, wherever we have the technology, there is a risk of online attack. Most of nowadays buildings especially in Nairobi uses automated locks which are computerized. In every case where a computer is involved, there is a risk of cyberattacks. Now you can see how cybersecurity is a marketable and lucrative course in Kenya and the whole world.


engineering courses in kenya

Not only in Kenya but also in the whole world, Engineering is one of the oldest professional and most marketable courses. This course is now considered as a rewarding course simply because it pays a lot. Everywhere in the world, there is construction going on. This can be either building or road construction. There is some mega project in Kenya which even takes more than two decades to be complete. This means you can earn for more than 20 years for a single project if you are a qualified engineer. This is why the Engineering course has high demand meaning there must be many engineers.

Nowadays even small constructions are taken by the government who offers a lot of jobs to qualified engineers. Whether more experienced or less experienced engineer, you can get a chance to be part of this construction. Remember if you are more qualified, you will be paid a lot of cash. The best thing is that even the international constructions companies usually higher engineer from Local areas and that why this course is on high demand

Natural resource management

Natural resource management courses in kenya

Kenya is now listed as one of the country which has minerals. In the last 10 years kenya has discovered minerals which include oil which was discovered in Turkana county. The oil in Turkana is a good example and at this moment this project is managed by Tullow oil. Due to the oil discovery in Turkana, a lot of job has been created for the local resident. This is one of the reason why this county needs natural resource managers.

Taking a course in resource management will position you in one of the most paying job in Kenya. Some institutions in Kenya have studied offering Resources management which is due to high demand. Not only in kenya, Other countries also offer the course and a lot kenyans prefer studying abroad for a chance to acquire job even outside the country. Some universities in kenya provides exchange programs with other countries, such institutions include Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology which has partnered with Germany. Those are some of Top list of the most marketable courses in Kenya but you can also check the list below for more

The list of the most marketable courses in Kenya are as follows

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Engineering.
  • Hospitality courses.
  • Natural Resource Management.
  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Performing Arts and Music Studies
  • Cyber Security.
  • Fashion Design

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