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Types of building stones in Kenya : Price of building stones

You must comprehend a few fundamental building-related concepts in order to count yourself among those with some knowledge of construction and building. Stones are a typical building resource, so it’s important to know what kind of stone to employ for a given construction. I’ll explain the various types of building stones in Kenya and their costs in this article.

There are many places where you can buy building stones. each company has its own prices. This means where you are you can get places can buy stones at reasonable prices. Some such companies include

  • Kedowa Building Stones
  • Kenya Kando Building Stones
  • Ndarugo Blocks Quarry
  • Gigi Natural Stones
  • Sidheswar Limited
  • Metameta Hardware
  • Dawaki Natural Stones

Types of building stones

This topic is a bit wide but I will try to make it brief. Although the three major types of stone used in construction are sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous, they can also be classified further. However, keep in mind that the three types of natural stones mentioned above are the most common.

The nature of the stone determines the price of any type of stone. Some of the factors that influence the price of stones include whether they are machine-cut or curved by hand. Before I go into detail about stone prices, I’d like to list some different types of building stones.

  1. Travertine.
  2. Basalt
  3. Granite
  4. Slate
  5. Marble
  6. Onyx
  7. Alabaster
  8. Sandstone

Travertine stones

Travertine stones

One of the earliest building materials is travertine. It is applied to walls, floors, roads, stairways leading to pool decks, etc. Travertine comes in a variety of options, including honed-filled, brushed, and tumbled varieties.

Mild tones can be seen flowing on their hazy, shifting surface effects. Each item also doubles as a piece of earth art created by nature, resulting in an installation that is unique.

Basalt stones


Basalt is an aphanitic or fine-grained extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of magnesium and iron-rich lava exposed at or near the surface of a rocky planet or moon. It constitutes more than 90% of all volcanic rock on Earth.

Fine-grained basalt, which cools quickly, is chemically equivalent to coarse-grained gabbro, which cools slowly. Geologists observe basalt lava eruptions at approximately 20 volcanoes per year. Basalt is also a common rock type on other planets in the Solar System.


Granite stone

Granite is popular due to its hardness and durability. It is a deep-seated igneous rock with fine to coarse grain and crystalline structure. Because of its crushing strength, this stone is extremely valuable. It can also withstand extreme weathering.

Typically, granite stones are cut into slabs and polished. Following that, it can be used to make stone-facing slabs and floor slabs. The issue with granite is its low fire resistance. It is, however, ideal for use in house construction. Granite is suitable for kitchen tabletops.

Cost of a lorry of building stones in Kenya

Stone prices vary due to the various companies that deal with building stones. Building stone prices are also affected by factors such as location, stone type, and many others. I’ll give you an average price, but as I previously stated, prices can vary. Building stone for a truck costs between Ksh. 25,000 and Ksh. 30,000 in Kenya. The price varies according to the type of building block, which includes machine-cut and hand-cut building blocks.

Price of machine-cut building stones in Kenya

Machine-cut building blocks are reasonably priced per lorry. Machine-cut stone quarries You might also be interested in learning about quarry prices in Kenya, which range from Ksh. 15 to Ksh. NOK 25 per building block. This price is quite low and thus affordable. You may also be interested to know that machine-cut stone prices in Kenya range between Ksh. 25 and Ksh. 40, depending on the size of the stone.


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