Paul Mackenzie Biography: Paul Mackenzie cult

  • Paul Mackenzie was born in the 1960s
  • He was a taxi driver before opening his church
  • 58 Church Members have been confirmed dead after the exhuming process that is taking place at Shakahola forest
  • Paul Mackenzie is married to Joyce Mwikamba

Paul Mackenzie has been the talk of the town following what has been described as the worst cult in East Africa. The Kenyan preacher compelled his followers to fast for 40 days in exchange for the promise of meeting Jesus. More than 20 church members have perished as a result of a hunger strike, and DCI officers are currently on the scene searching for and exhuming more bodies.

Paul Mackenzie and Aisha Jumwa.

The pastor has made headlines previously as well. He once got into a disagreement with Aisha Jumwa over the need for an investigation into his church. Aisha Jumwa claimed that Paul Mackenzie was pressuring young people to join his church, which she claimed wasn’t imparting any positive teachings.

According to Aisha Jumwa, Pastor Mackenzie bribed the security personnel who were supposed to do the investigation.

More than 58 dies due to Paul Mackenzie’s starvation cult

The DCI officials have been exhuming the remains of individuals who are thought to be members of the controversial pastor’s church, Good News International Church. In the 800 acres of the Shakahola forest, 58 remains have been interred thus far. There are reportedly at than 100 people missing. Pastor Paul ought to be punished like a terrorist, says Kenyan President William Ruto. He requested additional inquiries into the churches that deceive believers.

Betty air hostess who sold her asset worth 7 million to join Paul Mackenzie’s cult

Betty air hostess who sold her asset worth 7 million to join Paul Mackenzie's cult

Betty, a woman, astonished the world when she sold all of her possessions for $7 million in order to join the Paul Mackenzie cult. The fact that such a well-educated woman could blindly follow this pastor and, on top of that, sell everything and gift her whole estate to the church astounds many.

She was additionally promised to meet Jesus after fasting by Paul Mackenzie’s followers. Betty worked as an air hostess for more than 11 years before joining the cult. It’s claimed that her son also passed away because of the hunger strike. Betty left her best friend a chain with the name of her son on it.


Paul Mackenzie age and wife

Though his actual day and year of birth are unknown to the general public, it is thought that he was born in Kenya around the 1960s. His family was Christian, and he was brought up with strong morals and beliefs. He had a heart for the gospel and a sense of calling to serve God in full-time ministry from a young age. he is married to Joyce Mwikamba.

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