Akothee’s Biography, Wedding, and Age : Mungai Eve dress at Akothee’s Wedding

It is now official that Akothee is no longer available for marriage, and if you had any plans to marry her, you should reconsider. Betty Kyalo crowned herself the president of single mothers shortly after Akothee’s wedding. There is a lot to say about Akothee’s Biography, Wedding, and Age, so stay tuned.

Akothee Wedding

Akothee Wedding photos

When talking about Akothee’s Biography, we have to start with her recent wedding. In terms of Kenyan celebrities, it is currently regarded as one of the most expensive weddings ever held in Kenya. The wedding was attended by high-profile guests who had been invited solely.

Kenyan politicians in attendance included Karen Nyamu, Jalang’o, Idda Odinga, Raila Odinga’s wife, and Millie Odhiambo. There were also a number of celebrities present, including Eric Omondi, Mungai Eve, and others. The wedding was held at Windsor Golf Hotel one of the most expensive hotels in Nairobi

Akothee wedding dress

akothee wedding dress

Akothee has stated that she will not import her wedding gown because she wishes to encourage the local market. She traveled outside of the nation a few days before her wedding to acquire her bridal gown. The gown cost over Ksh 600,000.00.

Watch Akothee’s wedding video here

Mungai Eve dress at Akothee’s Wedding

Mungai Eve dress at Akothee's Wedding

Many Kenyans believe Eve Mungai is a celebrity who dressed inappropriately. Eve donned a short pink dress that didn’t seem all that great. She said she got the invitation at the gate and didn’t have time to change her clothes. Kenyans are not convinced by her response, and their advice to Mungai Eve is to watch her wardrobe.

Akothee age

She was born in the month of April 1980. Akothee will be 41 years old in 2023. She celebrated her birthday on her wedding day this year. Her life had not been easy, and she had been through a lot before settling down. She divorced her first husband, leaving her with four children to support.


She dropped out of form two. Akothee attended Nyabisawa Girls School for one year before leaving to begin a relationship with her ex-boyfriend in form two. She later transferred to Wasio Mixed Secondary School, where she took her KCSE exam in 2004. Akothee’s performance was unaffected by her break; she scored a C+ overall and an A in History. Mathematics was not her thing and she scored D –

Akothee Kids

Akothee is the mother of three beautiful daughters and two stunning sons. Her three daughters are the result of her first marriage, while her sons are the result of various encounters with foreigners. She miscarried a few months ago with her new partner Omosh, with whom they recently married.

Akothee Husbands

Akothee began dating when he was 14 years old. Her first lover was a student from her neighboring school. They were so in love that Akothee had to drop out while she was in Form 2. They began living together but subsequently split up.

After her first relationship, she had several further relationships with various men. People have even dubbed her Akothee the Seventh. At the moment she is officially married to Omosh

Akothee Net worth

Forbes just named Akothee as one of the richest musicians in East Africa. Akothee advised not to be featured in East Africa because she is in a bigger league. She thinks that she is supposed to be placed among Africa’s richest musicians or possibly the world’s richest musicians. Akothee’s net worth is estimated to be $61 million (Ksh6.6 billion). She has a lot of investments, including high-end cars and costly homes. That is all we have for now concerning Akothee’s Biography.

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