Millicent Omanga Biography, Leaked video, Husband and family

Millicent Omanga has become the talk of the town after a private photo of her bedroom was published. She hasn’t said anything about the photo so yet, and many suspect it’s a Photoshopped image. She is not the first person to be in this circumstance. Azziad was going through the same thing when a s3x video claiming she was in it was released. Millicent Omanga is a politician and a member of the United Democratic Alliance. keep it here as we take through Millicent Omanga Biography and much more

Millicent Omanga age

If you evaluate her by her appearance, you might believe she’s elderly, but she’s not. Millicent Omanga was born on May 30, 1982, and will be 41 years old in 2023. Kiamokama, in Kisii Kenya, is where she was born. Kisii is her tribe.

Millicent Omanga husband

millicent omanga husband photos

She is a really sociable woman who enjoys socializing with men. Many people believe she is single because of her personality. Those who have been wondering about her marital status should know that she is married to Dr. Francis Nyamoibo, a specialist medical practitioner who is extensively involved in HIV/Aids research.

Millicent Omanga education

Millicent was able to study up to the university level despite the fact that her family was not well off. She attended Mumbi Girls High School before enrolling in medical school. Her education continued beyond there; she is also a graduate of Nairobi University, where she studied journalism, and she holds a master’s degree in commerce.

Millicent Omanga tatoo

millicent omanga tattoo

She is one of the famous people who have a tattoo. Former President Uhuru Kenyatta Tatoo appears on her palm. I’m sure she regrets obtaining the tattoo because she’s not on good terms with the former president right now. She is now a supporter of Kenyan President William Ruto. If only the tattoo wasn’t permanent, she could have changed it to be that of William Ruto.

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