Andrew Kibe Biography, Age and Relationship

The most dreaded content producer right now is him. Andrew Kibe, a former Kiss 100 broadcaster, has no fear of anyone and has no problem speaking in front of them, even if they are some of the most well-known Kenyans. Just be aware that Kifee may utilize anything you post on any of your social media platforms as part of his content creation. Keep checking back for additional information about Kifee as we discuss Andrew Kibe’s biography, age, and relationships.

We’ll get to the bottom of what happened to Andrew Kibe and where he is now. Andrew Kibe left the country after kiss 100 and now lives in America. According to rumors, he is engaged to Mzungu, who provides him with everything.

Andrew Kibe’s age and tribe

He is a member of the Kikuyu tribe and hails from Kenya. The well-known content creator Kibe usually goes by the name Kifee. On July 1st, 1976, Andrew Kibe was born. In 2023, he will be 47 years old.

Although he has accomplished a lot, relatively little is known about his personal life. He once admitted that his sister passed away during a time when they were at odds. He has children from a previous relationship, and he shocked everyone by saying that he doesn’t love anyone, not even his own kids.

Andrew Kibe daughter

Presenter Ali made the decision to use Andrew Kibe’s daughter as his video vixen following their verbal exchange. I’m assuming you’ve already heard the Presenter Ali song honoring Andrew Kibe. The girl that appeared in the video is Andrew Kibe’s daughter. Ali claims that using Kibe’s daughter in his video was not intended as retaliation.

Andrew kibe youtube

As we speak, Andrew Kibe’s YouTube channel has more than 360 subscribers and continues to expand daily. Many individuals like watching his YouTube videos, especially celebrities who worry that they could become his next victims.

A lot of well-known people, like Ali the Presenter, Akothee, Rigathi Gachagua, Mungai Eve and his boyfriend Trevor, Georgina Njenga, and many others, have received his attention so far. Andrew Kibe claims that all Kenyan content creators are con artists, which is why they start selling products on their channels as soon as they gain followers.

According to Kibe, many of the creators are now selling unknown plots, while others are forcing Kenyans to download fake apps in order to become members where they are supposed to pay for membership.

Andrew Kibe relationship

Andrew Kibe Wife

For those who don’t know, Andrew Kibe used to be a pastor, and it was during this time that he first met the woman of his dreams, a choir member at the church. Those who knew her well lauded her, telling Kibe that she was the one who had been selected for him.

They got married in a church, and according to Kibe, his wife quickly underwent a metamorphosis. They had children together, but shortly after Kibe requested a divorce, his wife refused to allow him to visit their own child. Andrew Kibe claims that it has been more than eight years since he last saw his children.

Andrew Kibe’s net worth

It is reported that Kiss 100 pays its employees well. The majority of Kiss 100’s presenters are paid more than $500,000. There was no doubt that Andrew received a good salary when he worked there. He must be doing well financially if he makes wise investments. His YouTube channel also has a large following, and as you are all aware, YouTube pays, especially if you have a large following. Andrew Kibe’s net worth is approximately 10 million

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