Eric Omondi Biography, Age, Latest news and Fight with Obinna

The community is now abuzz with talk of Eric Omondi. He exerts every effort to establish his relevance. Eric Omondi spoke to the country a few days ago about the wicked deeds of gospel artists in Kenya and the reasons why they are no longer relevant. He had a confrontation not only with a gospel musician but also with Kiss 100 host Obinna. Keep reading as we discuss Eric Omondi’s biography, age, current events, and fight with Obinna in greater detail.

Eric Omondi and gospel musician fight

This individual claims that gospel musicians have forgotten to minister and are now engaging in all manner of evils. A lot of musicians, including Willy Paul, Bahati, Jimmy Gate, and others, are of concern to Eric Omondi. According to Eric Omondi, someone like Willy Paul has allegedly started using his fame to mistreat women. According to Eric Omondi, Willy Paul keeps replacing women. He also addressed Jimmy Gate, who is currently sending women to Arab countries for domestic work rather than spreading the gospel.

Eric Omondi Age

Eric Omondi Girlfriend Lynne

Eric Omondi will be 36 years old in 2023. He was born in Kisumu County on March 9, 1987. Eric Omondi gained notoriety after appearing in the comedy program Churchill Show, which was broadcast on Kenya’s local television network NTV. He now calls himself the president of the comedy.

Eric Omondi girlfriend

The rumor that Eric Omondi was having an affair with female anchor Jackie Maribe in the past seems to have died down after he met Kenyan-Italian model Shantel Grazioli.
Many were taken aback when Eric Omondi arrived hand-in-hand with his half-Italian, half-Kenyan fiancée Shantel Grazioli at the 2015 Safaricom Groove Awards red carpet.

The two are alleged to have crossed paths during the Kasarani event for Kenya at 50. Eric Omondi is rumored to be dating one of his models, Lynne, as I write this story. He even purchased her a car.

Eric Omondi Vs Obinna

For what seemed like a stage-managed drama, the two exchanged blows live at Kiss 100 studio. Sheila Kwambox arranged an interview with Eric and one day before the interview, Obinna claimed that he will not be part of the interview.

He later accepted to be part of it and as the interview was carried out, the two started exchanging blows which contributed to a premature interview. Kwambox tried to cool the situation but it was already late

obinna and eric omondi fight

(Check Obinna and Eric Omondi Fight here)

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