Best Indoors Electric Heaters For Large Rooms (Tested and Proved)

Sometimes it becomes cold and what you can think of is something that can keep you warm. This mostly happens in the winter season. It doesn’t matter whether you are indoors or outdoors. In this article, I will focus more on Best Indoors Electric Heaters For Large Rooms

Introduction of an electric heater.

An electric heater is used to convert an electric current into heat and usually have the nichrome wire as the most active element in most electric heaters.
Most people who own large rooms usually prefer to get heaters with blowers that aid in pushing the heat waves further throughout the room.

It is also a great idea to have wall-mounted heaters that can help in the distribution of the heat evenly. There are space heating devices with very simple designs and very efficient. They consist of four crucial parts which are the heating elements, motor, metal casing and a fan.


used to help cool the rooms by drawing out the heater’s hotter air. This helps to regulate the heat and maintain an optimum temperature.

Heating element

most large rooms can be heated by a heater with a big heating output. Most common electric 1500W heating elements can provide equivalent heating for rooms up to 1000 square ft rooms.

Metal casing: this is to help warm up the rooms faster since metals are good conductors of heat.
Motor: it is used to help power the fan.

Most heating outputs of large rooms are usually measured in either BTUs or in Watts. BTUs are mostly related to propane and natural gas space heaters while Watts are mostly for large rooms and are the most popular units.

Space heaters operate by generally using three principles; radiant heating forced air heating and convection heating. Forced air heating is more advantageous as it can be heated in any direction. Mostly done by heating us directly.

Radiant heating uses infrared light to produce heat towards us directly. Most infrared space heaters usually heat large rooms indirectly. Convection heating is best suited for large rooms with oil-filled radiator heaters. They are designed to heat the air closest to the space heater then spread the heat indirectly.

Examples of the Best Indoors Electric Heaters For Large Rooms

Dr Infrared DR-968 Space Heater

Dr Infrared DR-968 Space Heater

  • It has unique features that make it more desirable than other electric heaters. It is made to use 100% of the produced heat creating a zero loss in heat transfer.
  • Dr Infrared can combine radiant infrared heat together with convection heat via a fan making it more efficient than other heaters.
  • It is easily mobile as it comes with wheels for portability.
  • Dr Infrared comes with a temperature display that helps with precise heating.
  • It is greatly amazing as it can heat a room up to 1000 square feet rooms. This is the best electric heater for large rooms.
  • Dr Infrared is also worth noting that this electric heater can be upgraded to have a humidifier as well. Moist air usually retains heat so it is great for someone who chooses to include the humidifier in the heater.

Duraflame DFI-5010 Fireplace Heater

Duraflame DFI-5010 Fireplace Heater

This is a fancy electric heater as it adds a cosy look to the room as well as warming up the space. It is made to look like real flame sin a 3D flame technology.
Its infrared quartz heating element helps in maintaining the natural humidity in the air.

  • It has a digital thermostat that enables one to set the temperatures desired in the rooms.
  • It comes in various colours and one is able to choose one that they prefer. The colours come in cream, French grey, black, bronze and navy blue.
  • The cosy flames are really desirable as also you will not need to keep on adding chop woods or dealing with any mess of such kind.

Life Smart Burnished Oak Fireplace Heater

Life Smart Burnished Oak Fireplace Heater

This specific heater is a combination of traditional and classic fireplaces. It adds a really cool and beautiful appearance to the spaces.
The Life Smart Burnished Oak Fireplace Heater has some great desirable features such as;

  • It has an Eco Mode that makes it a great hack for energy sufficiency. This helps to save up on the cost of electricity but still have the warmth needed in the house.
  • Burnished Oak Fireplace has two levels of a realistic fire glow that makes it so classic.
  • It has a digital thermostat to help in setting the desired temperature needed to heat up the room.
  • Burnished Oak Fireplace has a 12-hour timer.
  • It can heat a room up to 1000 square feet making it desirable for large indoor heating.

There are so many things to consider before purchasing an electric heater for your indoor space. Many of the heaters do not have all features that you need for your electric heater. However, there are some top features to consider before getting an electric heater.

Size of the electric heater although most come in a compact size. The size of the heater usually depends on the size of the room intended to be warmed.
Temperature control is another key feature to consider as it helps you get to the optimum temperature you desire.

Ease of setup: most of these electric heaters usually come as ready to use. However, there are some that may need to be set up so that they can start functioning. Some heaters also may have the option of using Wi-Fi, which is more convenient even though it may take a while before setting it up.

Safety features especially where there are young children. Most of the common safety features include an automatic shut-off if the heater reaches a dangerously high level of temperature.

The timer is a really helpful feature, especially for forgetful people who may forget to turn the heater off when not in use. In such instances, you will need to just set it to operate for an intended period of time and it will then shut itself off automatically and no longer than the set time.

The remote control feature helps with easiness of operating it. This is because one does not need to get up from their comfortable positions to go and control the settings of the electric heater.

Those are the Best Indoors Electric Heaters For Large Rooms as discussed above. You now have a list of choices when buying a good electric heater for large rooms. Keep it here for more updates

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