Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua Biography

Of late, Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has been the talk of the town. Separating with his former lover, Lilian Ng’ang’a has made him more famous than Before. Alfred Mutua is a soft-spoken guy and it is a bit difficult to understand his feelings because he is always in a jovial mood. In this article, we will discuss Alfred Mutua Biography, the day he was born, his family and so on.

Alfred Mutua Biography

He is the first Governor of Machakos. He has been Governor for the last 10 years. So far he has done a lot of development that never existed before he was elected as an area governor.

Before being Machakos governor, Alfred Mutua was the government spokesman. A lot of people loved the way he was representing the government. He had the capability to convince Kenyans on a particular issue and everyone could be satisfied.

He has inspired a lot of youth mostly those who are in the art. In Machakos, he supports a lot of youth with their talent by funding their projects. Alfred Mutua was once an actor and executive producer of Cobra squid which was aired on NTV.

Alfred Mutua birthday and his place of birth

Mr Alfred Mutua was born in Machakos in a place known as Masii, 22nd august 1970. He is now 52 years. Alfred Mutua didn’t enjoy his parents love when he was growing up since he was brought up with her sister Ann.

His life was not that easy since his family was not that well off. Mutua is the eldest brother in his family having some Luo blood.  His father, Habil Otieno Lut comes from Luo land in a place called Kalenjuok

In the last election which was held in 2017, Alfred Mutua’s mother advised him to vie for Siaya county since he had Luo blood but Mutua went for Machakos county.

Alfred Mutua childhood

Due to lack of money, Alfred Mutua parents relocated from Masii to Kibera Slum where they could afford both rent and food. This did not stop Mutua from pursuing his dream. He was very determined that one day he will change his life and that of his parents.

His grandfather always supported him giving him hope that one-day things will change.

Alfred Mutua education

Dr Alfred Mutua attended his nursery school at Guadalupe catholic school before joining Toi primary school which is in Kibera for his primary school education.

Later he joined Dagaroti High school where his dream to become an actor and a public speaker started. Alfred Mutua was determined and his education journey was not to stop soon.

He later joined Jamhuri school for his O-Level. At Jamhuri, Mutua joined the drama club and started scriptwriting. He also participated in some sports like football and Rugby.

After his O level, Mutua left the country for more studies and joined Whitworth college in the USA to pursue a bachelor in art and Journalism.

Some other universities that Mutua attended for more studies include Eastern Washington University for masters in science programs. He finally ended his upper education at Sydney Austilaria where he studied Doctorate in communication.

Alfred Mutua wife and Family

On 1st July 2011, Mutua married Josephine Thitu Maunda. They were blessed with three children. The two held a big wedding ceremony which took place at Nairobi baptist Gong Road

In 2015, all was not well between the two and their relationship started having some complications. They later decided to divorce where the case was filed in Australia. His former wife Josephine Thitu lives in Australia with her three children.

After separating from his first wife, Mutua married another wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a who has been his wife for some years but some months ago, the two separated. At the moment Lilian is said to be with Julian, an artist from Nairobi.

Alfred Mutua net worth

As I said before, Alfred Mutua life was very hard for him and his family at the very beginning but at the moment he is a millionaire At the moment he is the governor of Machakos. He owns a lot of properties including A & L hotel.

Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a

alfred mutua and lilian nganga

The two decided to end their relationship after living together for more than 10 years. They were never blessed with any kid. They both claimed that they will still be good friends but it is like all is not well.

Lilian Ng’ang’a held a media conference claiming that Alfred Mutua is not letting her go.  She claimed Mutua is now after everything that she acquire including her car. Lilian also claimed that her life is in danger and there are some people who are following her everywhere she goes.

Lilian asked Mutua to leave her alone and move on. After they separated, Mutua held a birthday party where he invited Lilian. They were seen enjoying every moment and most people thought they would reconcile and be back together.

That is all we have for now about Alfred Mutua Biography, Keep it here for more updates.

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