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How to transfer Logbook on the NTSA website

How to transfer Logbook on the NTSA website; Did you know that it is possible to safely shift vehicle ownership in Kenya? The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) has an online platform for this purpose.

Here is a step by step guide for motor vehicle ownership transfer;

<b>TIMS Registration</b>

  • Visit NTSA website https://www.ntsa.go.ke/
  • Select TIMS option for self-service portal https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login_csp.jsp
  • Generate separate profiles for the individuals; the buyer and seller. If you already have an account proceed to the next step.
  • On the top right select ‘Register an Account’ and give the necessary details and complete. Some of the details you need include; ID serial number, KRA PIN, and this may vary depending on the category selected.
  • You will get an SMS bearing a secret code notice

<b>Transferring Vehicle Ownership</b>

  • To get the menu, select ‘Vehicle Registration’
  • Proceed with the option ‘Apply for Transfer of Ownership
  • Select the option to ‘Create New’ tab and fill in the registration details of the vehicle.
  • To get more information regarding the vehicle, open the ‘Inquire’ and select the ‘View’ tab.
  • Upload a copy of your logbook. Ensure you have a soft copy of the vehicle logbook ready in advance.
  • When doing your registration as ‘New Vehicle’ remember to choose the right entry of the seller. The entry options include self/individual, finance institution/ company, or vehicle dealers. Be very keen to fill in the right details especially ID details for individual entry and KRA Pin details for the other institutions.
  • Finally, select ‘Mobile’ under security verification. You will receive the code on your phone through your contact.
  • Submit the verification code as received and submit.
  • An SMS notice is sent to the buyer for acceptance or rejection of the transfer.

<b>Accepting Transferred Vehicle</b>

  • Login to your TIMS portal. There will be a notification, select ‘View’ for vehicle information.
  • Proceed to security verification and choose the mode of verification as mobile.
  • Fill in the code you will receive on SMS and select ‘Accept’ to take ownership and ‘Decline’ to revert the transfer.
  • If you accept the transfer, fill in all the necessary details and submit for NTSA to begin processing the logbook. You will give the process about seven working days and your logbook will be ready.

NTSA logbook transfer charges 2021

For some years now, The logbook transfer charges has not changed. The price remains the same only that, if you have an old vehicle you are required to add Ksh 700. The amount is for the third plate sticker. This sticker mostly consist more information about the vehicle which includes, the vehicle owner, chases number and VIN number. The engine capacity is one of the factor that determine the cost of NTSA logbook transfer charges 2021.

Cost of NTSA logbook transfer charges 2021.

  • If you have a tractor, you have to pay Kshs. 1013
  • If your tractor has more than four wheel, then you need to pay Kshs. 1890
  • But if your tractor has less than four wheel, you cost will reduce upto Kshs. 1030
  • If your engine capacity does not exceed 1000 cc, you will be required to pay Kshs, 1660
  • Engine capacity between 1001cc to 1200cc – Kshs 1890
  • Engine capacity between 1201cc to 1500cc – Kshs 2065
  • Engine capacity between 1501cc to 1700cc – Kshs 2410
  • Engine capacity between 1701cc to 2000cc – Kshs 2695
  • Engine capacity between 2001cc to 2500cc – Kshs 3845
  • Engine capacity between 2501cc to 3000cc – Kshs 5055
  • Engine capacity between 3001cc and over – Kshs 5915

That how  How to transfer Logbook on the NTSA website by simply following the steps described above

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