Komando wa Yesu – Yamebadilika : Imekula kwenu

Komando wa Yesu is one of the luckiest musicians at the moment. He has been in gospel music for many years. His latest release “Yamebadilika – Imekula kwako has done wonders.

The funny thing about this song by Komando was Yesu is that it was released five months ago but it started trending some few weeks ago. Thanks to the TikTok user, they made this guy famous.

Imebadilika is a collaboration between Komando was Yesu and madam Martha. The message in this song is very encouraging and maybe this is the reason why the song is now trending.

Yamebadilika song review

In the song, Komando wa Yesu is talking to those people who always wish him a downfall. Komando is trying to remind them that he is not the same because God has blessed him. He continues advising those people to stop spending day and night waiting for his downfall.

Komando says that he has been praying day and night and he is now proud because God has answered his prayers and he is now waiting for more blessing.

People should stop confusing him with the previous Komando wa yes who was poor. As the song goes, people used to laugh at him when he told them tht he will one day build his own house and buy a car.

Yamebadilika by Komando wa yesu has a very powerful message and it is dedicated to those people who usually give up easily. The song encourages them not to give up and wait for their blessings from the almighty God.

All that is needed is prayers and hard work and by so doing you will receive your blessing so never give up. Madam Martha has also done a great job and her verse is also on point.

We wish Komando wa yesu all the best and more blessings. Keep it here for more updates and reviews from different people

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