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How to pay GOtv using M-Pesa : GOtv Packages and prices

Nowadays almost everything is being paid via M-Pesa. Not only in big companies this service is also available in the small sectors like Mama Mboga. After having your lunch in local hotels commonly known as “Kibanda”, you can pay your bill using Mpesa. I would like to guide you on How to pay GOtv using M-Pesa, update you on GOtv packages and the amount you need to pay for each package.

After the introduction of Digital Tv, Every homestead was required to migrate from analogue to Digital Reciever. A lot of digital decoders were introduced. Some are free to air while others have monthly subscriptions.

GOtv was introduced to Kenya in 2011. It has been in the market for some years now and so far a lot of people prefer using the decoder. One of the main advantages of using the decoder is that it is much cheap but have a lot of entertaining channels.

How To Pay GOtv Via M-Pesa: GOtv Pay Bill Number

Must have a Safaricom line and be registered as an M-Pesa user. Use the GOtv pay bill number which is 423655. You need to follow the steps listed below to pay your GOtv package using M-Pesa.

  • Using your phone, go to the M-Pesa menu
  • Select lipa na M-Pesa which is available to all M-Pesa registered users.
  • Click pay bill and enter 423655 which is the official GOtv Pay bill number.
  • Dial in your account number which is your decoder SC number.
  • Enter the amount as per your package subscription
  • Enter your pin number to confirm your payment and you are good to go.

After completing the listed steps, you will receive two SMS’s. One from Safaricom confirming your payment and another one from GOtv for a successful payment.

GOtv decoder price

A GOtv decoder cost around Ksh. 2,999. If you are buying your decoder for the first time you will receive some special offers.  Free installation and access to all the channels for free for the first month.

Through GOtv decoder, you can access sports, music, Movies, Kid shows and you can also be updated on what is happening all over the world by their News channels.

List of GOtv Packages channels and prices

GOtv has 5 Packages that differ in prices due to the number of channels available in each package. Check the list below for more information

  • GOtv Max: If you need to access this package you will have to pay Ksh 1070 billed per month
  • GOtv Plus is almost the same as GOtv Max but with fewer channels. monthly charges; Ksh 815
  • GOtv value: The package charged Ksh 510 monthly
  • GOtv Lite: You can choose whether to pay it monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. For GOtv Lite monthly, Ksh 255 per month; GOtv quarterly, Ksh 610; GOtv Annual, Ksh 1,525

Channels available in GOtv

  • Maisha Magic East
  • Fox life
  • E! Entertanment television
  • Jim Jam
  • American got talent
  • Aljazeera
  • Fashion Tv
  • Afro music
  • Islamic channel
  • Local news channels like NTV,KBC, KTN,KBC, Citizen, K24, InooroTv and many more

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