Top 10 Fuel Hacks You Should Know

Top 10 Fuel Hacks You Should Know; Fuel prices vary from time to time and for any car owner this is one of the key indicators on the effectiveness of a car. Having a car improves quality of work and leisure plans and it’s even better when you can know how to efficiently use your fuel. Below are some sustainable hacks to save your fuel costs;

Listed below are top 10 fuel hacks you should know

  • Timely car service
  • Avoid driving in rainy days
  • Use efficient Engine oil
  • Travel light
  • Do not leave your car on when not in use
  • Frequently checking the tire pressure
  • Frequently maintaining the car
  • Use the air conditioner only when necessary
  • Identify the right gear
  • Choose the most efficient route

Choose the most efficient route

When planning for a trip be sure to pick the best and shortest route possible. Choosing a shorter route may help you save the cost of fuel. You might also find it useful to travel during the warmer days since winter may cause your engine to go cold and use more fuel to heat up. You can always rely on maps to make sure you do not get stuck with the route of your choice.

Identify the right gear

This is one of the best ways to reduce your fuel consumption. Depending on the nature of the trip, having a car with a manual gear helps you save fuel since accelerating the speed of your manual car on a is easier than using an automatic car.

Use the air conditioner only when necessary

When you are driving with your air conditioner on, the fuel consumption is higher. At least fifteen percent of the fuel is used up by the air conditioner. You can put the windows down for air circulation and switch it on when it is very crucial.

Frequently Maintaining the car

A well maintained car is very fuel efficient and makes it very easy to identify any filtration problems with the engine and address it in good time. For instance, the efficiency of a diesel engine whose injectors are dirty, increases fuel consumption.

Frequently checking the tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure should be one of your top priorities every time you are using your car. Underinflated tires may cause your fuel consumption to rise by at least 3 %.  You have a better optimal braking path when your tires are properly inflated.

Do not leave your car on when not in use

Thanks to technology, most cars do not require to be given time to warm before starting your trip. So if you are stepping away from your car for more than throaty seconds, switch off the car and this saves the fuel consumed when the car is dormant. Nevertheless, in the cases you are stepping out for less than thirty seconds, proceed with the task as this will save you the fuel used to turn the engine on and off.

Travel light

Just like a human body, the heavier the luggage carried, the more the energy required to propel motion. Your car is not different, make sure when you are moving with your car, carry only the necessary items and avoid crowding your trunk too. The heavier your luggage, the higher the fuel consumption.

Use efficient Engine oil

Using bad or spoilt oil for your engine poses a danger to the efficiency of your engine. The fuel consumption may significantly rise in this case and sometimes cause damages to the engine itself.

Avoid driving in rainy days

Driving on a rainy day may require you to use more energy and thus more fuel to keep the car in line and sometimes drive through intense waters. In this case fuel consumption will rise due to the slickness of the roads.

Timely car service

Treat your car as a human. When you fall sick, you quickly visit the hospital otherwise your condition may become unbearable and so is your car. If you have a schedule for mechanic visits, be sure to adhere to it and when you notice faulty behavior with your car, take it for service to avoid risks of further destruction due to oil leaks or fuel leakages.

These guidelines will not only help you save on fuel, but they help you avoid unnecessary damages and prolong the value of your car.

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