NHIF Self care – NHIF hospitals selection in Kenya

For those who have been asking me to cover a topic about NHIF Self-care – NHIF hospitals selection in Kenya, You better take a sit because I will give all the details concerning the topic.

What is NHIF Self Care?

This is an NHIF portal that can be used for self-care services eg, hospital selection, to register as a new member and you can also use it to check your account status and at the same time make payment. You can access this portal using your smartphone or a computer. Using the NHIF self-care portal, you can change your facilities and services.

NHIF hospitals selection in Kenya

NHIF Self care - NHIF hospitals selection in Kenya

Using the online portal, one can choose or change his/her preferred outpatient hospital. The best thing about NHIF is that it is open to everyone whether formal or informal. It is compulsory for any formal individual to have NHIF. Using your mobile phone you can be able to access and select the outpatient facilities by following the steps below;

  • Using NHIF USSD code
  • Using the NHIF mobile app
  • visiting NHIF website

Using NHIF USSD code

Some people have a mobile phone that cant access the internet. This does not mean you can’t be able to access NHIF services. Sometimes you may be out of data. If you have such limitations, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is to follow the steps shown below;

  1. Using your mobile phone, dial *155#
  2. Select the language of your choice, Kiswahili or English.
  3. Enter your ID number as required
  4. You will be provided with an option to choose the services after that you can follow the prompts on your screen

Using the NHIF mobile app

  1. From your smart mobile phone, select google store and search for the NHIF app.
  2. Download this app
  3. key in your ID number
  4. Request for a one-time pin (OPT) by following the screen prompts. You will receive a pin number which will be sent directly to your mobile phone.
  5. you can now use the pin to log in to this app.
  6. once you are logged in then you can choose the service whether you want to pay or maybe change your existing outpatient hospital.

visiting NHIF website

  1. visit  www.nhif.co.ke/health insurance/nhifselfcare
  2. Key in your ID number and click continue.
  3. As in the NHIF app, you will be required to enter a one-time pin (OPT) that will be sent directly to your mobile phone.
  4. Key in the pin (OPT) and verify to continue
  5. After that, you will gain access to the portal where you can access the services or even make changes where necessary

NHIF Rates 2020 and 2021

How to register NHIF in kenya

To access NHIF, you need to pay KSHS. 500. This amount can be paid by the whole family. Remember a wedding certificate for couples must be provided for proof purposes. By paying this amount, your family will be able to access both inpatient and outpatient services.

That is what we have for today’s topic on NHIF Self-care – NHIF hospitals selection in Kenya

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