Mumias East Mp Hon. Peter Salasya Biography, education, Age, wife

Peter Salasya, a Mumias East Member of Parliament, has recently made news. Those who believed this guy didn’t talk much should start following him. There are a lot of videos circulating around, and Peter Salasya has been accusing members of various social media platforms of being concerned about how he is conducting his life. Salasya remarked that while he is not fluent in English, he is an excellent mathematician, which is why he prefers to address people in Swahili. Keep it here as we discuss Peter Salasya Biography.

Peter Salasya Age

As of 2023, Peter Salasya is 34 years old, Peter Salasya will be 34 years old in 2023. This cheerful MP was born on January 15, 1989, as the seventh child in a family of seven. His life has not been simple because he lost his father, John Salasya when he was in second grade. Peter Salasya’s father died in 2007.

Peter Salasya wife

He is single at the moment. He feels that because he is still young, he should enjoy life being single first before marrying. Peter Salasya responded that he needs a woman who can stay in the community but not one who will insist on traveling to Nairobi when questioned about the type of woman he hopes to marry. Salasya advises the woman to remain in her remote house where she may be a friendly hostess. You should retain this information for future use if you want to be Peter Salasya’s wife.

Peter Salasya house

This individual comes from a lowly background; prior to being elected to the parliament, the Peter Salasya family resided in a subpar home. The house that Peter Salasya is currently living in is finished, and he has also built a residence for his mother. Although Peter Salasya built his home in a remote area, he did a commendable job and it looks great. He once shared photos of his house before and after it was rebuilt on Twitter.

Peter Salasya payslip

Peter Salasya is one of those people who never hesitates to voice his opinions. He once made the decision to make his payslip available to the public so that people could see how much money he received each month after receiving a net salary of more than a million dollars. After the public realized that Peter Salasya still takes home about Kshs. 97k after all deductions, they were appalled in Kenya. The individual contributed more than Kshs.500k towards his mortgage, leaving some to ponder what kind of home one ought to purchase in light of such a significant mortgage contribution.

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