Kadusko’s Biography, Age and Real Name

Who Is Kadusko?

Kadusko’s biography is full of excitement. Before becoming who he is now, he struggled a lot. He used to perform at Churchill, but his jokes were too weak for that platform.. Kadusko is an upcoming Kenyan comedian who is currently receiving a lot of support from young people. He is particularly popular among kids, and I believe that a significant proportion of his YouTube views come from children aged between 5 and 13 years old.

Kadusko’s Real Name And Age

Kadusko Real name is Edwin Wainaina. He is one of those celebrity who don’t like his private life to be known. Kadusko has never publicly announced his age but he looks young, He must be around the 30s. I learned about this guy through my kid.  Every time my kid takes control of the TV remote, he will always watch Kadusko comedies

Kadusko comedy Journey

Kadusko began his comedy journey while he was still in high school. He’s now the leader of a comedy group called Vijiko Kumi Entertainment. The group’s name was inspired by Kadusko’s behavior in school, where he would take a spoonful of food from each of his ten friends when he couldn’t get his own plate. Despite this, he always managed to feel satisfied.

Kadusko doesn’t have a specific comedian in Kenya that he borrows ideas from. Instead, he watches multiple comedians to avoid copying a particular style. Although he performed at the Churchill show, his jokes were not enough to sustain him. However, he has no regrets about it because he is now doing well online.

Kadusko Tribe

Some people have been inquiring about the background of the Kadusko tribe. He is a Kikuyu who attended St. Augustine Mutundu School in Thika. The name Kadusko originated from his First name Eddu. During his time in high school, he started calling himself Edusko but eventually changed it to Kadusko to make it sound more interesting. It is worth noting that the nickname Kadusko was adopted while he was still in high school.

Kadusko Youtube

Kadusko’s YouTube channel began operating in November 2018. The full name of the channel owner is Edwin Wainaina. Currently, Kadusko’s YouTube channel has over 340,000 subscribers. In addition to his YouTube channel, Kadusko also owns a website where he sells various electronics, such as TVs, cookers, phones, fridges, and more.

kadusko wife

Edwin Wainaina, also known as Kadusko, is currently not married. Therefore, if you encounter someone who claims to be Kadusko’s girlfriend, please be aware that it’s not true. Kadusko believes that he should prioritize investing before getting into a relationship. He also advises young people to save their money as they are uncertain about what the future holds.

Latest Kadusko Comedy

We can say if we are asked to list Kadusko comedy that are doing well, we wont finish because this guy always release the best comedies. We have attached some of his best comedy below hope you will enjoy.

  1. kadusko comedy love dilemma
  2. insha by Kadusko
  3. Kadusko Network is another channel that you can also watch some of his work

Here’s what we have so far about Kadusko’s Biography. I hope you’ve learned a lot about this talented Kenyan comedian. We’ll continue to keep you updated on Comedian Kadusko.

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