Some of the Most Commonly used Tummy Trimming Pills in Kenya

How can I reduce my belly fat in Kenya?

More people have been seeking tummy trimming pills over the past years. They have become more available and affordable to everyone who needs them. After the Gastric Bypass surgery, tummy trimming products are the second most used shortcuts to reduce body weight and stomach fat. The following are some of the most commonly used Tummy Trimming Pills in Kenya

With the pills, you can speed up the fat-burning process and therefore suppress the diet making you lose weight faster.
There are certain pills you can take in order to lose stomach fat.

The best tummy trimming pills in Kenya and price

There are many pills in the market and you can only do your due diligence to get the one that works for you. Some of these pills include but are not limited to Bio3 weight controls 25s, Get Lean Capsules 30s, USN Apple Cider Vinegar Caps 60s and many others.
How to reduce belly fat in Kenya

How can I get a flat tummy?

There are different ways that have been proven to help in reducing belly fat in Kenya. With modern technology, there is both the medical way as well as the natural way.
Some of the natural tips you can use to reduce belly fat include:

  • Eating foods that are rich in fibre which is usually indigestible plant matter
  • Reducing the number of carbs taken. This is a very effective manner to lose fat generally. Studies show that low-carb diets usually target the fat in the stomach and around the organs and liver.
  • Avoid eating too many sugars or sugar-sweetened drinks. Excess sugars can lead to increased accumulation of fat in the belly according to recent studies. It increases belly fat leading to insulin resistance and more metabolic problems.
  • Exercising regularly. Aerobic exercises such as walking and swimming have proven to cause major reductions in stomach fat.
  • Incorporating more proteins in the diet. Protein is an important macro-nutrient when it comes to losing weight. If your goal is to lose weight, then adding proteins is maybe the most effective change you can do to your diet. You can alternatively decide to get protein supplements which are healthy and convenient sources of proteins.

Weight loss pills in Kenya

Some of these weight loss pills do not work for everyone and are not magic bullets for weight loss. They also usually have side effects but the modest benefits provided outweighs the risks posed.

The importance of weight loss medications include: slow progression of weight gain and regain, appetite control and improvement of eating behaviours.
Since obesity is a chronic disease, its medications are usually meant for long term purposes.

They improve the health and quality of life in obese patients.
Some of the pills used may include Phentermine, Orlistat, Bupropion/Naltrexone and Liraglutide.

Flat tummy gel in Kenya

Flat tummy gels also known as slimming creams are usually designed to absorb into the skin once applied on the skin, to burn the fat and block cellulite formation. The cream is usually massaged thoroughly into areas of the body with excess fat.

The massaged cream will normally sting or burn a little but this is a sign that the cream is working. However, you still need to keep on exercising as it is so far the best proven means of burning fat.

Flat tummy gels have split results as some people say it works and others claim not to see results at all. This is because they are advertised as “immediate results” while it is not the case. Therefore, you should not depend on the flat tummy gels as a method of losing weight but incorporate other methods as well.

Slimming pills and their prices in Kenya

Most of these slimming pills usually cost a fortune and you need to have them consistently for better results. You cannot have them one time and expect to see changes. However, there are some that are pocket friendly and they can be found in chemists regulated by the pharmacy and poisons board of Kenya.

  • Bio3 weight control 25s at kshs 1190
  • Get Lean Capsules 30s at kshs 2666
  • USN Apple Cider Vinegar Caps 60s at kshs 950

Generally, the prices usually range from kshs 950 upto even kshs 10,000.

Slimming diet pills

These are usually prescribed by doctors especially when their BMI is 30 or above. Before getting these prescriptions, you need to discuss with your doctor about your medical history so that he can have an idea of any underlying medical conditions.

Some slimming pills such as Liraglutide have been approved for long term use. They however have certain side effects such as nausea, constipation, kidney problems and increased heart rate.

Another pill like the Contrave also has side effects such as headache, constipation and dry mouth. It also causes seizures, and as such seizure, patients cannot be prescribed to it. Doctors usually advise that if after 12 weeks of using the drug there is no change noticed, one is supposed to discontinue usage of the drug.

Slimming injections in Kenya

These injections are a minimally invasive medical procedure targeted at a fat reduction. Fat-dissolving injections are a safe and effective treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area, producing long-lasting results.

They can be used to treat those exercise-resistant fats around the chin, chest, thighs and abdomen areas. It is not a treatment for weight loss, however, but great for body contouring.

It is not advisable to go for fat dissolving procedures if you have the following conditions:

  • You are taking blood-thinning medicines
  • When have liver or kidney problems
  • You have diabetes
  • When Your skin has problems around the areas you want to be treated.

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