Zuku fiber contact : How much is Zuku Wi-Fi a month?

A lot of Kenyans always ask how they can contact Zuku Fiber offices and also the prices of installing Zuku Fiber whether at the office or home. This article will elaborate more concerning Zuku fiber contact : How much is Zuku Wi-Fi a month?
Zuku in Kenya means affordable and quality entertainment for the family. They are an internet service provider as well as satellite TV packages. In order for you to get access to the Zuku TV or internet services, you need to subscribe to their package price which will be shown below.

Zuku TV packages prices

There are 6 packages that are offered by Zuku Kenya satellite with quality TV and radio stations at really affordable prices. The prices mostly range from kshs 499 to kshs 1549 for zuku smart and zuku premium respectively.

  • The first one is Zuku smart with 42 TV channels, 19 radio stations and local channels at kshs 449 only.
  • Zuku smart plus with 66 TV channels, 19 radio stations and local channels at kshs 600 only.
  • Also we have Zuku classic with 76 TV channels, 55 radio stations and local channels at kshs 1099 only.
  • Zuku premium consisting of 97 TV channels, 55 radio stations and local channels at kshs 1549 only.
  • For those who love Asian movie, we got you covered. Asian Standalone package with 26+ TV channels, 55 radio stations as well as local channels at kshs 1150 only.
  • Asian Buy through( Zuku Asia) with 21+ Asian TV channels at kshs 1150 only.

For every package chosen, Zuku offers free installation and a one-month free premium package after which you will start paying for the monthly zuku payment to continue enjoying the services.
You can always upgrade to any zuku package that you have through your mobile phone. It has become quite easy to do all these services from home without having to go to their offices.
However, when you need to downgrade, you can write an email quoting your zuku account number and the package you choose to downgrade to.

The zuku student package price in Kenya in 2022 .

Apart from the TV package, Zuku also has a specially tailored student package for students that is quite affordable. There is however a requirement before being considered in the students package. One has to produce their student’s identity card as well as national identity card as proof of still being a student.

The main advantage of this package is that it offers considerable value as compared to other main unlimited internet providers in Kenya. There are no installation fees for this Zuku package unlike other unlimited fiber internet providers.

  • 5mbps at kshs 3999 only
  • 10mbps at kshs 6999 only
  • 20mbps at kshs 9999 only

This package is affordable to students as it serves them for a whole semester. They can opt to pay for it monthly or the whole amount of kshs 3999 which is such a catch for students who do not have the capability of paying the whole amount.

Zuku internet prices in Kenya

Zuku provides home internet packages to residential customers in areas that have been covered by zuku. There are two options provided in the home internet package which are internet-only and triple pay.

For those who choose the internet only option, they do not get to enjoy any other added service. Instead, they get the Zuku home fiber connection alone.

The zuku triple pay package has a three in one package for their clients. This is the home fibber internet, satellite TV and zuku telephone services.

In the internet-only option, there is the 2mbps which is offered at kshs 1299 only. The 2mbps is the lowest package and cheapest but only one device can connect at a time. This package is usually best for people that work as freelancers or are homeowners with minimal to zero browsing.

For heavy internet users and gamers, they might need to upgrade to the 5mbps offered at kshs 2499 only for faster internet connectivity. However, you can pay an additional cost for a satellite TV connection while on the internet-only option and be able to watch TV channels.

However, these prices may differ area to area due to the different promotions going on at different times.

Zuku fiber contact

Gateway Business Park Block E,
Next to Parkside Towers
Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya,

TEL: 0205-205-205, 0719-028-200

TEL: 0205-222-222

There you go, that is all we have for now concerning Zuku fiber contact and how much is Zuku Wi-Fi a month. I hope you have enough information

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