Best Electric Grills

An electric grill is a unit using an electric element that ensures a constant supply of heat. It consists of a grill grate that is placed above an electric element, and a drip pan placed at the bottom to collect the extra juices and fats from foods during grilling. In this article, I will concentrate much on the Best Electric Grills and places you can get them e.g Amazon

In most models of electric grills, the drip pan is usually detachable, and the drippings collected are used to make sauces and gravies that can be eaten as accompaniments with the grilled items. Electric grills are much safer to grill meats rather than charcoal grills as they do not leave residues as much.

There are two types of electric grills which include an indoor and outdoor grill. Most indoor grills are usually much smaller in space as compared to outdoor grills. They can alternatively be placed on top of kitchen counters or on the stovetop for people living in apartments and do not have much space to spare

Outdoor electric grills are ideal for people who have spacious backyards to prepare meat as well as vegetables for quite a large number of people. Those with less outdoor space or patios can purchase stand-alone grills which do not require as much space.

Electric grills are usually advantageous as they can be plugged into a power outlet directly. Storing electric grills during the winter season is much easier since all you do is unplug them from their outlet and put it in the storage area.

With charcoal grills, you need to disconnect the fuel source and ensure a proper seal of the gas jet to ensure no leakage.

Examples of the best electric grills

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1

  • They are the best size for a really small family
  • Easy to clean the reversible plates as they are non-stick
  • They have a dual temperature control where you set the heat needed to grill

George Foreman Electric Grill

George Foreman Electric Grill

  • It is perfect for places with small spaces such as apartments as it can be placed on countertops
  • George Foreman Electric Grill has a great heat distribution
  • It is easy to use as well as cleaning

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

  • It comes in a convenient size hence portable
  • Cooks the meat evenly as it heats up quickly
  • It is easy to use
  • Relatively convenient for a medium-sized family (six members)

Features to consider while getting an electric grill

Space availability: when shopping around for an electric grill, one must consider the space available at home. But they are mostly not much of an issue since electric grills do not smoke while grilling and hence is suitable for people living in apartments.

Ease of use: most electric grills are usually easy to start and operate. All one needs to do is plug in the switch and pre-heat the grill for about ten minutes and start the process of grilling.

Size of cooking area: one may need to consider this, as the size of the electric grill is highly influenced by the number of people the meal is been made for. A large number may require an outdoor electric grill while a small number of people will just need an indoor electric grill. Small electric grills are super convenient as they can even be placed on countertops.

Adjustable thermostat: this helps in adjusting the temperature of the food you are grilling so as to make it heat at the right temperature.
Maintenance: a good electric grill is easy to clean so as to keep it in good condition.

The best are those with removable grates so that they can be thoroughly washed. This is a good way to prolong their functionality.
Storage: one should buy an electric grill that is able to fit in their storage spaces. Space is a great factor before one settles on the kind of electric grill they want.

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