How to make money on Tiktok in Kenya, 2022

Is TikTok paying money? yes, it is paying but not as simple as you think. In this article, I would like us to discuss more on making money in Tiktok and I will also explain the fastest way to make money on Tiktok and how you get paid in Tiktok. Kindly keep it here as we discuss more on How to make money on Tiktok in Kenya, 2022

How many views on TikTok to get paid

Some services require you to meet certain requirements before you can begin using them. TikTok requires creators to have a certain number of followers and views to gain access to the following features:

  • for you to be eligible for TikTok’s creator fund, the creator must be 18 years old and over.
  • He or she should also have more than 10,000 followers and have at least 100k video views in a period of one month or 30 days period.
  • You should be more than18 years or older and have at least 1k followers to receive virtual gifts during a live stream.

4 ways to make money in Tiktok

By advertising your own product or shop using your TikTok account

If you already have merchandise that is established then you are good to go. This is the most obvious and successful way to make money. What you are required is to make TikToks that showcase your products.

In your videos, you should include all of the details that will help to attract many clients and make sure they are unique. This will automatically increase the sales of the intended shop provided you have good followers.

Tiktok Sponsored content

TikTok defines sponsored content as content in exchange for which you receive something of value. Isn’t that the goal? For example, a brand may pay you to make a TikTok video about how wonderful their soy candles smell, or you may be given a free skydiving trip in exchange for posting about it.

Brands are eager to participate in such paid collaborations since this add them more chances. Some studies on influencer marketing carried out had the following, in December 2019, 16 per cent of US marketers planned to use TikTok for influencer campaigns.

In March 2021, that number had risen to 68 per cent. To put it another way, influencer marketing is exploding on the platform.

Tiktok Creator funds

This is the special moneymaking method we discussed earlier. TikTok platform announced its new “Creator Fund” which started in 2020 on July 22. They also promised over 200 million dollars which was a way of encouraging those who dream and could use their own voices, ability and creativity to spark these creative careers.

The internet and the rest of the world devoured it. A week later, they announced that the fund was set to increase by one billion dollars and would be operational by 2023. This will be extremely beneficial to many people, particularly the creative youth all over the world.

For someone to qualify for this amazing service from Tiktok, you must have the following factors;

  1. Be located in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy.
  2. Have a TikTok account that follows the TikTok Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old.
  4. Have a minimum of 10,000 followers
  5. Have received at least 100,000 video views in the previous 30 days

Looking for influencers and partnering together

This strategy is the inverse of the first which is also working very well. What you need to do is to reach out to an influencer whose content aligns with your brand. For you to qualify you must be and if you are an established business looking to grow your presence (and make money) on TikTok.

In this TikTok, fashionista Wisdom Kaye collaborated with perfume company Maison Margiela, and food blogger Tiffy Chen collaborated with Robin Hood the flour, not the fox.

How much does azziad make from TikTok

Azziad is said to be making a lot of cash using her Tiktok account. For you to advertise on her TikTok page you must have more than Ksh 10,000.00 per post. Azziad is listed at number 28 in the whole of Africa. If Azziad advertise more than 100 brands per month she will have made Ksh 1m in a single month

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