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Jay Melody – Sugar | Video

Jay Melody – Sugar is a big project and the song has been trending for some time now. Sugar has done well in many social media including Tiktok. Thanks to Tiktok users because they have made this song popular

After a long wait, the Sugar by Jay Melody video is out. I can openly say that this artist from Tanzania is one of the underrated artists in Tanzania. He is one of the talented artists in E. Africa and his new song proves so.

Some days ago, Alikiba was caught lipsyncing Sugar by Jay Melody and this proves that the song is big. This is not the first song from the artist, Jay Melody has released a couple of songs which worth listening to.

The sugar video was shot in a very simple manner making it neat. The white attires by both artist and the video vixens brings a unique idea. To watch Jay Melody – Sugar video, Follow the link provided and I promise you will enjoy this song

(Watch the sugar video here)

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Tanzania has a lot of musicians who are very talented. The funny thing about this country is that every now and then, a new artist is being established by different lables in the country.

When taking for example Konde music which is owned by Harmonize has a lot of talented musicians. They include Ibraah, Anjella and some others. Some months ago, Rayvanny introduced a new artist under his label.

Mavcoive is his name and he is doing well. So far he has released several songs which include some collaboration with his boss Rayvanny. The same case applies to Wasafi label. They have a couple of talented artists who include Mbosso and zuchu.

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