Professor Jay Biography : Professor Jay illness

Professor Jay Biography

He is one of the celebrated hip-hop artists from Tanzania. Professor Jay is one of the Bongo music pioneers. He is one of the best songwriters and most of his songs are educative. Professor Jay usually addresses factors affecting society. To learn more about Professor Jays Biography, keep it here.

Professor Jay’s date of birth and real name

Professor Jay, as he is mostly known, was born in 1975, on 29th December in a small town called Songea in Tanzania. His real name is Joseph Haule, and he grew up in Songea. His father, Leonard Stephen Haule, died in the year 2018 after a long illness.

Professor Jay family

Bongo artist and former member of parliament, Joseph Haule, aka Professor Jay got married to his long term girlfriend Grace Mgonjo at St Joseph’s Church in Da es Salaam. The posh wedding ceremony started from the artist’s home in Kimara-Temboni leading a fleet of cars to the church where the event took place.
It was witnessed by both families and their friends who congratulated them heartily. The couple is blessed with one child, Lisa Joseph.

Professor Jay’s Music journey

Professor Jay started his music career in the year 1989 in a band called Hard Blasters. By that time, he was not going by the name of Professor Jay but by “Nigga J”. Some of the songs he produced during that time in the band include “Chemsha Bongo”.

After doing music for about a year, the Hard Blasters band was awarded the best hip hop group in Tanzania. In the year 2001, Professor Jay decided to try and do music on his own. He, therefore, left the Hard Blasters band and started recording on his own and became among the first founders of Bongo music in Tanzania.

He did several collaborations with various artists in Tanzania some including; Juma Nature, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize and Lady Jaydee. He also went international with his collaborations as he had one with Jose Chameleon from Uganda and Nonini, Nazizi and Victoria Kimani all from Kenya.

This is how Professor Jay created a mighty name for himself in East Africa, therefore, gaining massive support and following.

He released several music albums that did so well and made him a well respectable musician from East Africa. His music mostly is usually giving advice and lots of people have learnt a lot through the songs.

Music albums released by Professor Jay

These are some of the music albums that Professor Jay released before joining politics.

  1. Machozi in 2001
  2. Jasho na Damu in 2003
  3. Mapinduzi halisi in 2006
  4. Joseph in 2007
  5. Aluta continua in 2014
  6. Izack Mangesho in 2016

Professor Jay Political journey

Professor Jay decided to try his luck in politics in the year 2015. He vied for the political seat of Member of Parliament for Mikumi constituency in Tanzania under the political party of CHADEMA and won.

However, in 2020, he lost the seat after he tried to vie for a second term in the same constituency. He lost it to Denis Lazaro from the Chama Cha Mapinduzi party who garnered 31,411 votes against Professor Jay who got 17,375 votes.

Professor Jay’s illness and health

Recently, Professor Jay was admitted to the Muhimbili Hospital as he has been ailing for a while. However, it is not yet clear as to what is ailing Professor Jay or for how long.
According to his family members, Professor Jay is doing much better and is ready for discharge once the hospital bill has been cleared.

They have come forward to plead with well-wishers to help and contribute any amount of money as the hospital bill has overwhelmed them and they cannot clear it on their own.

There have been some reports that claimed that the ailing musician has passed on although the family rubbished the claims. They positively reported that Professor Jay is alive and doing much better.

That is all we have for now concerning Bongo Legend, Professor Jay Biography. Hope you have learned a lot from him

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