Oga Obinna biography, Wife and salary at Kiss Fm

Obinna is a Kenyan comedian who’s now well-known in the country’s media. It is said that laughing is the best medicine, and comic Oga Obinna has made a career and entertained others with his talent. We’ll delve deeper into Oga Obinna biography, Wife and salary at Kiss Fm.

Oga Obinna’s date and place of birth

You’ll realize he has a Nigerian accent if you listen to him. Oga Obinna has Nigerian ancestors. This means this talented guy has Nigerian roots. On June 6, 1990, he was born in Kenya to a Kenyan father and an Igbo mother, making him half-Nigerian.

Obinna Career

He ventured into the world of comedy with a great sense of humour and was soon featured on radio shows, television productions, and other media outlets. Obinna claims to be a preacher as well as a professional musician. He is also a brand ambassador due to his massive social media following and fanbase in the country and beyond.

So far, Oga Obinna has created advertisements for Deacon, Uber, and Golden Tulip. Furthermore, as a result of his career, his public image and presence have grown, making him a highly sought Master of Ceremonies alias emcee for social, corporate, private, and public events such as weddings, office parties, and more.

Oga Obinna’s wife and family

He has three children, one girl and two boys from different mothers. Oga Obinna claims to be afraid of heights and avoids horror films because they give him nightmares. Furthermore, he claims that learning to trust a new friend takes time.

Surprisingly, Oga Obinna is a competent cook with aspirations of becoming a professional chef. The pet owner who has dogs, cats, and goldfish is also an excellent dancer who cannot pass up the chance to perform on the dance floor.

Obinna’s salary and net worth

Oga Obinna, like many other comedians, has chosen to keep his educational background private. What we know for sure is that this guy is well educated and that she is extremely talented. Because of his education and talent, he was hired as a presenter at Kiss 100, replacing Jalang’o.

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